‘The Loudest Voice’ Trailer Reveals Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes

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The series also stars Sienna Miller as Ailes' wife Elizabeth, Seth MacFarlane as former Fox News PR chief Brian Lewis, Simon McBurney (Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) as News Corp leader Rupert Murdoch, Annabelle Wallis (Peaky Blinders) as former Fox News booker Laurie Luhn and Aleksa Palladino (Boardwalk Empire) as Ailes' longtime assistant Judy Laterza. But we also see Ailes lustily running his hands down the dress of Naomi Watts' Gretchen Carlson, and running his thumb along the lips of another young woman.

"We're gonna give 'em a vision of the world the way they want it to be", Ailes says as images of TV screens flashing the Fox News logo collect to form the American flag.

The seven-episode limited series The Loudest Voice premieres on Showtime on June 30th.

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes poses at Fox News in NY in September 2006.

Crowe is virtually buried under makeup and costume while playing Ailes, who died in 2017.

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They continued: 'The series aims to shed light on the psychology that drives the political process from the top down'.

The Loudest Voice, based on reporting from Gabriel Sherman in the book The Loudest Voice in the Room, seeks to chronicle the rise of the current Republican Party through the story of Ailes.

Three days later, the author of a 2014 biography of Ailes that included the claim that the Fox CEO had offered a producer a raise in exchange for sex in the 1980s, reported accounts of sexual harassment from six other women.

Ailes is widely credited (and derided) as the man who turned Fox News from a nascent cable news enterprise into an industrial-scale conservative news machine which radically changed politics in the United States forever. Charlize Theron will also have a role. Jay Roach has new biopic coming out starring John Lithgow, as well as Nicole Kidman.