Israel Spacecraft Fails to Land on Moon

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"The Israeli spacecraft will land on the Moon in one piece, two and a half to three years from now, write it down", Netanyahu said, addressing the mission team after the failure. "We reached the moon, but we want to land more comfortably, and that is for the next time". "Not so long from now, let us also add, next year, on the moon", Lauder said.

Preliminary data collected by SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)'s engineering teams suggested that this technical glitch triggered a chain of events that briefly crippled the spacecraft's main engine.

"If at first you don't succeed, try again", Netanyahu said.

President Reuven Rivlin hosted dozens of youngsters at his official residence. The photographs of the far side of the Moon, taken last week after the Beresheet mission achieved Lunar orbit, were transmitted successfully, and are scientifically and aesthetically handsome. The children, some wearing white spacesuits, appeared confused as the crash unfolded.

Its circuitous flight path was around 4 million miles (6.5 million km).

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The U.S. space agency NASA broadcast the landing attempt live on its dedicated TV channels, as well as online. It traveled a total of four million miles to the moon, elevating around the earth before entering orbit around the moon. "We are the seventh country to orbit the moon and the fourth to reach the moon's surface", said Doron.

A time capsule was on board the lander - which included a picture of Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon, who died on the space shuttle Columbia in 2003 - as well as a lunar library containing 30 million pages on a disk from the US-based Arch Mission Foundation. "I have no doubt that Israel and SpaceIL will continue to explore and I look forward to celebrating their future achievements".

"SpaceIL's mission not only touched the moon, it touched the lives and hearts of an entire world that was watching", said XPRIZE executive chairman and founder Peter Diamandis in a statement.

The spacecraft "Beresheet", named after the first word and the first book in the Torah (meaning "in the beginning"), lifted off from Cape Canaveral on February 21 and nearly completed its 6.5-million-kilometer journey to the lunar surface. The contest ended in March 2018 with no victor.

If they would've been successful, they would be the first non-government spacecraft to do so.