Sudan's de facto military leader steps down

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"This was not a coup", Col. Gen. Omar Zein Abedeen told reporters in the capital, Khartoum, but a "tool of change".

The ICC had issued two arrest warrants in 2009 and 2010 on al-Bashir, making him the first ever sitting head of state to be declared wanted by an worldwide court.

"The Sudanese people should determine who leads them in their future", spokesman Robert Palladino said at a news briefing. He said al-Bashir's top government members, including the vice president and associates, were also under arrest but again, didn't elaborate.

Sudan Military Council has revealed that it will not handover ousted President Oman Al-Bashir to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

General Awad Ibn Aufannounced that Bashir had been arrested and a military-led transitional government will rule for two years. The military council, which is now in charge claims the army has no intentions of hanging on to power and their only intention is to ensure an orderly transition to a civilian government.

He pledged the military would stay on only as long as it's needed, or for a maximum of two years.

Despite warnings from the new military council to respect the nightime curfew, the soldiers posted outside army headquarters made no move to disperse the protesters who camped out there for a sixth straight night on Thursday, demonstrators said.

"This country has great people and a great army".

Sudan's ruling military council announced earlier on Friday that it would run the country during a pre-election transition period of up to two years.

Suspected poacher killed by elephant and then eaten by lions
Evidence indicates that lions devoured the body, "leaving only a human skull and a pair of trousers ", according to officials. In this case, the lions found the man's body before his friends and family could, and there was very little left of him.

During the Darfur conflict, he was head of military intelligence and the United States imposed sanctions on him in 2007 in relation to his alleged support for militia blamed for atrocities there.

However, he may be put on trial inside Sudan, according to the military council.

Men and women in the crowds beat drums, clapped and chanted, "Down with military rule" and "We won't be silent until ibn Ouf is out". SUNA said Ibn Ouf would meet with political factions and leaders of the protest movement later in the day.

But the rebel Sudan Liberation Army (SLA-AW) fighting government forces in Darfur denounced what it called a "palace coup".

The actor, director and activist said in a statement on Thursday that the global community must work to guarantee that "the next president of Sudan reflects the will of its people".

The force draws its origins from the Janjaweed militias that were implicated in the Darfur genocide.

He said members agreed to continue monitoring the situation.

It also vowed to "resist" by peaceful means all the extraordinary measures the military has imposed since Thursday's ouster of al-Bashir, including the nighttime curfew and state of emergency.