Biden building 2020 White House campaign ahead of expected bid

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Still, Biden has still not announced whether or not he is even choosing to run for president, but sources close to him say that he is leaning toward it. The former vice president apparently met with Abrams at his request, and while the subject of their conversation was unclear, it was widely noted that Abrams has been considered as a Democrat with a bright future ever since she lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election under circumstances that many critics have described as suspicious.

Biden, the Journal reported, wants to raise several million dollars for his campaign but is concerned that he cannot garner the kind of online support given to candidates such as Beto O'Rourke and Bernie Sanders. Stacey Abrams has been named as a possible running mate. She also gave the Democrats' State of the Union response in February.

The choice of Abrams would be advantageous to Biden in a number of ways. Is a Stacey Abrams pick a way to ask forgiveness from progressives, African Americans, "Anita Hill"? According to Axios, Biden feels Abrams would bring diversity to the ticket and show that he "isn't just another old white guy". They cited several key reasons why naming someone so soon may be problematic for him.

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Early polling shows Biden is at the top of an already crowded field of 14 candidates running for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

"If Biden were to name his running mate long in advance of the Milwaukee convention, it might be very good politics", said Michael Beschloss, author of "Presidents of War".

A third problem for Biden may be that naming someone to be his vice president this early on could cause headaches further down the line if he made a decision to change his mind.