Opportunity's Parting Shot Was a Beautiful Panorama

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"And to the far right and left are the bottom of Perseverance Valley and the floor of Endeavour crater, pristine and unexplored, waiting for visits from future explorers", Callas stated.

This small section of the Opportunity rover's final panorama highlights the different types of rocks found on Mars. The space agency received the rover's last communication on June 10.

"This final panorama embodies what made our Opportunity rover such a remarkable mission of exploration and discovery", Opportunity project manager John Callas, of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, said in a statement Tuesday (March 12). Mars Opportunity might have perished in a planet-wide dust storm in June, but it continues to provide data about the Red Planet to NASA.

Perseverance Valley sits on the inner slope of Endeavour Crater's western rim and is composed of shallow troughs stretching from the top of the rim to the bottom, approximately the length of two football fields.

NASA said Opportunity has laid the foundation for future missions to boldly go where no human has gone before. Those pics were snapped with the Panoramic Camera (Pancam) of the Opportunity rover throughout about one month. The mission came to an end last summer when Opportunity became trapped in what eventually became a global dust storm on Mars.

Over 29 days last spring, NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity documented this 360-degree panorama from multiple images taken at what would become its final resting spot in Perseverance Valley.

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The filters admit light centered on wavelengths of 753 nanometers (near-infrared), 535 nanometers (green) and 432 nanometers (violet).

Several of the last frames Pancam took before the dust storm forced the rover to shut down are black and white only because the camera did not have time to photograph these areas with the green and violet filters.

However, NASA's Mars exploration perseveres with the InSight lander, which touched down in November, now just beginning its scientific investigations and the Curiosity rover, which has been exploring Gale Crater for more than six years.

Over the next months after that, the agency made more than thousand attempts to contact the rover.

NASA's Opportunity rover defied all odds by outliving its mission beyond the wildest expectations. These images were assembled by NASA and published this week as Opportunity's "parting shot".

Opportunity and its twin, Spirit, landed a few weeks apart in January 2004.