Thousands strike in Spain, mark International Women's Day

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The United States of America celebrated National Women's Day on February 28, 1909 till the year 1913; in Russian Federation women also celebrated this day on the last Sunday of February in 1913.

Kenyan women shout slogans during a march to mark International Women's Day in Nairobi, Kenya, Friday March 8, 2019.

Every year International Women's Day becomes pinker, glossier and more about gimmicks and discounts than collective power. The Socialist Party of America designated the date after thousands of women marched for better working conditions and higher pay in New York City in 1908.

In 1911, Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland celebrated the first official International Women's Day on March 19.

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"We're in the 100th year of women's suffrage but we still have a lot to do", German Family and Women's Minister Franziska Giffey told DW Thursday. "We have to make sure that more is done against domestic violence, especially against women".

The women - some wearing purple bags and clothes, and holding banners that read "Sister I do believe you" - met at midnight in Puerta del Sol square in the heart of the Spanish capital, in one of the first protests in Europe to commemorate the day and call for more gender equality. Join a union. That might seem a bit abstract, but it's not at all.

Mayor Michael Müller and his cabinet have no official events planned for today, Deutsche Welle says - which may simply mean they are taking the day off work too.