Captain Marvel Shows How The Avengers Began

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But still, it's cool to get our first look at her with the rest of the gang.

Whether she's Carol Danvers or Captain Marvel, this character is slight.

That said, there are obviously spoilers to follow, so proceed with caution if you're the sort of person who wants to head into either Captain Marvel or Endgame totally blind. It's nice to get pulled into a debate about something you're passionate about. During his mission, Yon-Rogg attempted to assassinate Mar-Vell, but ended up killing Dr. Walter Lawson instead. Your basic superhero origin story!

But, really, we're here to talk about the first of the post-credit scenes because, after it was all said and done, we got an Avengers: Endgame clip. Her sarcastic wit and nearly Steve Rogers-like attitude was a great watch and gives the hint that she'll be playing a huge part in the MCU moving forward.

Think about it when people automatically start pitting Captain Marvel against Wonder Woman, simply because they're the only two big superhero films that have featured a woman... against an infinity of male-centric stories. And as if that weren't enough to be getting on with, Vers learns how she acquired her name - it derives from Carol Danvers, the U.S. Air Force pilot she used to be before she absorbed other-worldly superpowers in an accident and was adopted by the Kree.

For more information on Carol's comic history, check out our primer, complete with comic recommendations!

Within few hours of Captain Marvel's theatrical release on Friday, everything from search engine giants (Google, Bing, MSN, etc.) to video streaming platforms (YouTube and DailyMotion) is flooded with requests for free download or online watch options. Let's break it down! This mastery will also increase the amount of Energy Damage dealt in Binary Ignition.

Failed banter aside, Fury allows Carol to explore her humanity. The helmet is purely a fashion choice, she can breathe up there just fine without it.

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"Captain Marvel" is heading for a dazzling opening weekend of at least $150 million in North America, early estimates showed Friday.

The "Captain Marvel" after credits scene adds further credence to that possibility. She can go toe-to-toe against iconic characters like Captain America and has no problems punching dinosaurs. "By the time we finished with all that, there was no room" in the two-hour-plus movie for romance, director Anna Boden says. The character is played by young actress Akira Akbar in the movie.

For the eponymous hero (played by Oscar victor Brie Larson) - who shoots thunderbolts from her fists, can pilot any spacecraft and actually fly unaided herself - this change of emphasis is significant.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige tells EW that directors Joe and Anthony Russo shot the Captain Marvel mid-credits scene while filming the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, and that the plan had always been to introduce Carol by seeing "that call being made in the tag of Infinity War, and then seeing that call answered in a surprising, unexpected way in Captain Marvel". And yet, I'm afraid of what is going to happen the moment we all see this film.

The last Marvel staple is that little teaser for the next movie after the first roll of the credits, but this one dissapoints.

Captain Marvel: rumours of a sequel already in the pipeline.

After years of waiting, watching for the original release date, and living through several rescheduled dates, I am so pleased to say Captain Marvel's movie release date is today: March 8, 2019.