Captain Marvel's Rotten Tomatoes Critic Score Revealed

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Weeks before its release, Larson's portrayal of Captain Marvel was attacked by trolls on Rotten Tomatoes who hadn't even seen the movie.

Like its tough, smart heroine, "Captain Marvel" dances to its own beat; it's an origin story that isn't structured as an origin story but gets there all the same. For a film virtually devoid of romance, there's a lot of love on display, whether it's a shared bond between two best friends, the beauty in seeing a family reunited or when Nick Fury turns into a puddle of cuddly goo whenever he's in the presence of an alien cat named Goose.

THR dug at the film a bit more, going as far as to say it's the worst of the MCU films, and stating that the movie doesn't do for women what Black Panther did for black representation. However, the soundtrack being the element of the film that I'm most mixed about isn't that huge of a deal when it's all said done. McMillen added even more sparkle by topping off Larson's look with sequined star heels, custom made by Jimmy Choo. There is plenty of MacGuffin chasing, sure, but we get to meet Goose the cat, which is basically the Groot of this film (there are plenty of Guardians comparisons to be had here).

So, it might be worth lowering your expectations a smidge before going to see Captain Marvel, but for the most part it seems to deliver another fun, escapist Marvel thrill-ride.

Captain Marvel will be the first MCU movie released since Stan Lee's death and its tribute is wonderful. She especially has terrific chemistry with Sam Jackson (it also needs to be mentioned that the de-aging process is unreal and rarely looks noticeable or out of place, even during sudden bursts of movement/combat that one would presume would result in a glaring stutter for the visual effects), who is obviously his naturally likeable amusing self. Meanwhile, as Brie Larson brings impressive grit to the action scenes, she brings a humanity to the role as well.

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What you need to know is that there are two scenes during the credits.

But perhaps most important of all, this movie will serve to inspire women.

This could be heavy stuff, like much of "Avengers: Infinity War" was, but Boden and Fleck have a light touch that plays up the comedy and absurdity of having a superhero walking around Los Angeles. Their plans go awry, Vers is captured, and the Skrulls prod her mind, digging through her childhood and more recent history as an Air Force pilot and Guns N' Roses fan for a mysterious clue.

This is a film that has to set up the rest of the MCU. She is told at least 10 times in the first 10 minutes of the film that she needs to control her emotions, mostly by Law. It's one of the best of the franchise, and yes, I've seen every Marvel film out there. It's action-packed and also a lot funnier than I expected it to be. There are several lulls, especially in the first act. She escapes, only to crash land on a backward planet the Kree call C-53, aka Earth. Unless you know the story from the comics, it can be a bit confusing until the pieces start to connect about mid-way through the film. The young Oscar-winner's talent comes as no shock, but she still leaves a stamp on the character that takes full ownership of where Captain Marvel goes from here. The mystery of her origin is ultimately uninteresting, and it deprives Captain Marvel of a character arc or any notable weaknesses.