Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez highlights offshore drilling rig on congressional website

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Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unveiled a new climate change initiative on Thursday - and had it swiftly knocked down by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The proposal calls for a 10-year transition from fossil fuels towards 100% renewable energy across the country, as well as sweeping social changes including new infrastructure, a revamped healthcare system, and a federal jobs program.

Pelosi told Politico in wide-ranging interview, however, that it's just a "suggestion" and one of "many" the caucus is likely to receive on green energy. "The green dream or whatever they call it, nobody knows what it is, but they're for it right?"

"We welcome the enthusiasm that is there with the Green New Deal", Pelosi said Thursday at a news conference.

The proposals, which have come to be known as the Green New Deal, were crafted in conjunction with Senator Ed Markey of MA. Hours earlier, Pelosi said she had not yet read the Green New Deal.

The Green New Deal also aims to create an economic safety net for communities that will be affected by the impacts of climate change and the shift away from fossil fuel use, including through guarantees of healthcare, jobs, and jobs training. "So, I don't think that this is a snub", the NY congresswoman said outside the Capitol building while advocating for the Green New Deal.

Florida Rep. Kathy Castor will chair the panel, as Pelosi previously announced, and eight other Democrats will serve on it: Assistant Speaker Ben Ray Luján of New Mexico and Reps.

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The legislation is already backed by more than 40 House Democrats, Bloomberg reports, including House Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern.

"I guess I can understand if someone who has not had a lot of life experience and they're proposing something that's extremely unrealistic", GOP Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado said at a House Natural Resources Committee hearing Wednesday.

The ambitious goal, according to the measure, is to achieve "net-zero greenhouse gas emissions", in part by meeting 100 percent of the power demand through clean, renewable, and zero-emission energy sources.

Well, Ocasio-Cortez will need an income after she gets primaried out of Congress, I suppose ...

"Nancy Pelosi is a leader on climate, has been a leader on climate", Ocasio-Cortez said, noting she will not allow the Democratic Caucus to be divided over this issue.

The plan, which takes the form of a non-binding congressional resolution, outlines some of the most aggressive climate goals ever put forward by Democratic lawmakers and clashes dramatically with the Trump administration's efforts to advance domestic oil, gas and coal production by rolling back environmental protections.

One critical factor will be the buy-in of President Donald Trump, who pulled the United States out of the Paris climate accord, as is seen by Democrats as the world's most prominent climate-change denier.