How much Trump actually works, leaked report reveals

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According to 51 internal White House schedules leaked to Axios, his private calendar is pretty empty, too.

The latest set of leaks, released to Axios, however, show the private schedule of President Trump for just about every day since the midterm elections.

Several conservatives and allies of the president expressed similar concern over the leak and also defended the president from accusations that the unstructured time in his schedule proves he's not productive.

Appearing alongside MacCallum, Fox's "Media Buzz" presenter Howie Kurtz weighed in, calling the schedule "a heat-seeking missile of a leak ... exclusively created to embarrass Donald Trump".

And what is "Executive Time", exactly?

Each day's schedule over the last three months placed Mr Trump in the Oval Office between 8:00am and 11:00am, but according to Axios, Mr Trump is nearly never in the Oval Office during those hours.

Instead, he in the residence, watching TV, reading the newspapers, tweeting, and phoning aides, members of Congress, friends, administration officials and informal advisers, the news website reported.

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But Axios cautioned, not all the president's meetings are reflected on his schedule because many of his them are spur of the moment, according to senior White House officials. 'He's always up to something; it's just not what you would consider typical structure'.

The extensive schedules leaked to Axios appear to confirm years of headlines about Trump's time in the White House: his distaste for extensive briefings and lengthy meetings and his preference for time to himself to freewheel and deal much as he did during his time as a New York City real estate and reality TV personality.

The Washington Post reported that acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney meets the president only twice a day, unlike his predecessor John Kelly. He spends ever more time in front of a television, often retreating to his residence out of concern that he is being watched too closely.

But the schedule doesn't tell the full story, Axios noted. The outlet reported that Trump spent almost 300 hours from November 7, 2018 to Feb 1, 2019 in the vague "executive time".

Sources in the White House said that the recent leak has incited a flurry of finger-pointing as the administration scrambles to plug the leak of damaging information. Even with Clinton, though, that unstructured time was due largely to the President's penchant for getting involved in the details of governing.

Sunny Hostin agreed that the news says a lot about Trump's work ethic and productivity.

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