Bright skies tonight for what could be a spectacular lunar eclipse

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You've probably seen a bunch of headlines about the "super blood wolf moon" total lunar eclipse which is set to wow stargazers on January 21.

These occur between two and three times every three years but the weather conditions on the day of occurrence usually have an effect on whether or not the eclipse can be viewed clearly.

The moon slips into Earth's dark umbral shadow during a total lunar eclipse over Angel de la Independencia in Mexico City on January 20, 2019.

On Sunday evening, Vancouverites were treated to a full wolf moon creating a total lunar eclipse, and yes, it was as unbelievable as it sounds.

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The moon was in flawless alignment with the sun and Earth, with the moon on the opposite side of Earth from the sun. February's full moon is traditionally known as the Snow Moon, so brace yourself for the #SuperSnowMoon hashtag.

A picture taken on January 21, 2019 in Le Mans northwestern France shows the moon behind the statue named "L'envol".

This turns the moon a bright red, so lunar eclipses are often called blood moons.

"We're going into this unusual lull in total lunar eclipses over the next couple of years", explained Tom Kerss, an astronomer from the Royal Observatory Greenwich.