Trump promises citizenship path for skilled workers

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It was unclear what Trump meant by a "potential path to citizenship" for H-1B visa holders, who already are eligible to be sponsored by their employers for legal permanent residency, which would make them eligible to become US citizens.

President Trump said Friday that he is planning an overhaul to H-1B visas - which allow foreigners to work in the USA temporarily in specialty occupations - that could lead to American citizenship.

Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the H1-B visa permits U.S. employers to hire temporary foreign workers with at least a bachelor's degree, or equivalent specialized work experience, to fill needs not met by the American workforce.

The president's tweet was unclear about what changes may be ahead for the H-1B holders, or how he will proceed with the reforms.

US President Donald Trump said Friday that he will change the H1-B visa system for professionals to ensure "certainty" and a path to citizenship for those on the visa.

When asked about Trump's tweet, USCIS spokesman Michael Bars pointed to the administration's proposed changes to the H-1B process, which are likely to become final later this year. "We want to encourage talented and highly skilled people to pursue career options in the U.S.", Trump said in an early morning tweet. The change would also prioritize H-1B applications for workers with advanced degrees from American universities.

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The Trump administration, she said, has stepped up its measures to detect employment-based visa fraud and abuse, but certain non-immigrant visa programmes need reform in order to protect American workers better.

Mr Trump wants to include $5.6 billion for a wall along the border with Mexico.

The H-1B visa, under the Immigration and Nationality Act, lets US employers temporarily employ foreign workers with at least a bachelor's degree for speciality occupations.

Democrats say the wall project, which carries a total price tag of more than $20 billion, is expensive, ineffective and immoral.

The partial government shutdown over the impasse between the White House and congressional Democrats regarding the wall funding entered its 21st day Friday - tying the longest ever. Denials of H-1B visa applications spiked 41 percent between the third and fourth quarters of 2017, according to federal data obtained by the National Foundation for American Policy.

Trump's major announcement on H-1B visas - through twitter, without any further details - comes as part of his known preference to attract and retain best talent in the US.