Bill Allowing Post-Shutdown Federal Employee Back Pay Heads To Trump

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Trump said last week he can "relate" to the unpaid workers, but that "they'll make adjustments".

Trump insists a government funding bill include $5.7 billion (€4.9 billion) to pay for a wall on the border but Congressional Democrats are opposing him.

"I will build a great, great wall on our southern border", he declared on June 16, 2015 at Trump Tower in NY.

Trump indicated Thursday during a trip to the border that he was planning to declare a national emergency in order to free up funds to build the wall, which is supported by only 41 percent of Americans, according to a recent Reuters-Ipsos poll.

Graham sounded deflated after talks among senators essentially collapsed, and said, "It is time for President Trump to use emergency powers" to fund wall construction.

The Washington Post suggested the White House was laying the groundwork for declaring an emergency that would let Trump build sections of a wall, possibly using funds from the Army Corps of Engineers.

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The aide said the $13.9 billion has been allocated but not yet obligated through contracts for a variety of projects in California, Florida, Texas, other states and Puerto Rico, which have experienced hurricanes, wildfires or other natural disasters.

President Donald Trump is set to travel to the southern border Thursday as he continues to make his case for building a barrier along the southern border amid an ongoing partial government shutdown triggered by the president's demand for a border wall. Right now, barriers blanket about one-third of the 1,954-mile (3,145-kilometer) border with Mexico.

Yesterday during a visit to the southern border in Texas, President Trump put DACA on the table as a negotiating point with Democrats. Critics have said the move would be an unconstitutional abuse of emergency powers. But he said those options seem less likely now without Democratic backing for some money for Trump's border plan.

Rep. Patrick McHenry of North Carolina, the top Republican on the Financial Services Committee, said Wednesday's vote was "a political stunt", as the House had already passed a single appropriations package seeking to open all of the departments of the government.

"In all my years in Congress we never dealt with this idea of an emergency, " DeSantis said.