Enes Kanter to miss Knicks’ London trip for fears of assassination

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The Timberwolves plan to separate the powers of front office and coach, which would leave the San Antonio Spurs as the only franchise where the coach, Gregg Popovich, holds final say over basketball operations decisions.

Thibodeau did bring Minnesota to the playoffs for the first time in 14 years - albeit a brief appearance that lasted just five games - but he went just 97-107 in his two-plus seasons with the Wolves, a team considered to be on the rise given a roster flush with young talent that he inherited.

Turkey is fast becoming a despotism under Erdogan's presidency.

Both the teams put up great rebounding displays to make sure that they get an edge over the other. "I can get killed pretty easy".

In May of previous year Kanter, who then played for the Oklahoma City Thunder, was detained at a Romanian airport after being told his Turkish passport was canceled - a move that Kanter blamed on his political views.

"I said let's let it go and see how things worked", Wolves owner Glen Taylor told the Minneapolis Star Tribune's Chris Hine.

They threatened to extradite him to Turkey, where he would've been imprisoned and unable to leave.

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He was eventually released in Romania because of support from the Department of Homeland Security, the State Department, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the National Basketball Association and the players union.

With all that history, it should be extremely obvious why the Knicks won't want to chance anything with Kanter's safety outside of American borders.

He has never since left North America. The Turkish big man also confirmed that the only country he can travel to is Canada because his passport was revoked by the Turkish government. A Turkish judge issued the arrest warrant for Kanter in May 2017, to which Kanter responded on Twitter saying "you can't catch me".

Kanter has been a supporter of Fethullah Gulen, an opponent of Erdogan who has been living in exile in the United States since 1999. Followers of Mr Gulen have been accused by the Turkish government of being behind a 2016 attempted coup d'etat.

"But that's exactly why I speak out. Erdogan does not respect that right in me or anyone else, and is willing to crush anyone who criticizes him".

The Knicks (10-29) will be playing a regular season game in London for the third time, having beaten the Detroit Pistons in 2013 and losing to the Milwaukee Bucks in 2015.

Minnesota also dismissed assistant coach Andy Greer, who had a close association with Thibodeau, sources said.