Sarah Sanders Has Solid Response After House Dem Makes Profane Impeachment Comment

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"Bullies don't win.' And I said, 'Baby, they don't, because we're gonna go in there and we're gonna impeach the motherf***er'".

Tlaib's more experienced colleague, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Calif.), meanwhile, has already introduced impeachment articles against Trump (like he did in 2017), as well as proposing constitutional amendments to eliminate the Electoral College and prohibit presidents from pardoning themselves.

Tlaib has always been critical of the president: before she ran for Congress, Tlaib was thrown out of an event in MI for asking Trump if he had ever read the Constitution, CNN reports.

It was a striking coda to the Democrats' heady ascendance to the House majority Thursday, sparking unusually public corrections from House veterans. "Because this is about electing the jury to impeach (POTUS) and I will make a heck of juror", she wrote on Twitter in March.

Tlaib, however, has argued for impeachment proceedings to begin immediately. It is too early to talk about [impeachment] intelligently...

Newcomers routinely stumble as they learn how things are done on Capitol Hill.

"I think President Trump has met his match", she said.

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Speaking at an event organized by progressive group MoveOn, Tlaib recounted a conversation she had with her son. Tlaib, 42, is one in a cadre of ebullient, media-savvy rising stars - the self-described "radical" Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is another - who aim to shake up the Washington status quo.

Democrats on Thursday took over control of the US House of Representatives, with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi becoming the new speaker of the chamber. Republicans pounced, using the occasion to question the Democrats' true priorities and Pelosi's leadership.

"We build a school, we build a road, they blow up the school, we build another school, we build another road, they blow them up, we build again, in the meantime we can't get a fucking school in Brooklyn", he said.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders blasted the remarks as proof Democrats had "no solutions for America" and suggested Tlaib was simply trying to boost her own political career.

Ms Omar, a refugee from Somalia who sought asylum in the United States 23 years ago, took the oath using a Quran belonging to her late grandfather. You officially have a new Congresswoman who is ready to fight for you.

Tlaib, Sarsour and others in attendance outside her office were wearing a thobe, a traditional Palestinian robe.

On Friday, she refused to back down.

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