Huawei to invest $ 2bn on security center, software

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Tuesday's announcement by Prime Minister Andrej Babis comes a day after the country's National Cyber and Information Security Agency warned that the hardware and software made by Huawei and another Chinese telecommunications company, ZTE, pose a security threat.

Trudeau said a decision on whether to use Huawei equipment in Canada's 5G mobile network should be made by experts and not influenced by politics. Japan's cybersecurity agency says suppliers like Huawei that are considered high-risk will be excluded from government procurement.

Rotating chairman Ken Hu, speaking at a press conference at the company's headquarters in Shenzhen, also said Huawei expects revenue to exceed $100 billion this year.

However, he says the company remains open to concerns about its openness, transparency, and independence.

Hu was asked to clarify the company's stance on growing concerns from worldwide governments about China's influence on Huawei and potential to access illicit information. "Maybe not to Huawei and maybe not to the public, but to telecom operators, because they are the ones that buy Huawei". Regarding often-quoted concerns over Chinese law, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China had formally clarified that no law requires companies to install mandatory backdoors. The technology is meant to support a vast expansion of telecoms networks to connect self-driving cars, factory robots, medical devices and power plants.

December 12: China's foreign ministry says it has no information about Kovrig, but says the organization he worked with - the International Crisis Group - was not registered in China, making its activities in the country illegal. He added later, "We have never accepted requests from any government to damage the networks or business of any of our customers".

And Hu? "No comment on that". But they marked the first time such a senior figure has directly addressed foreign security complaints, underscoring the company's sensitivity to them.

"We haven't received any request to provide improper information", he said.

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Huawei has become the target of US security concerns because of its ties to the Chinese government.

Asked about that, Hu said reducing competition would hamper innovation and raise costs for consumers.

Huawei has invested years and billions of dollars to prepare for this moment.

"Locking out competitors from a playing field can not make yourself better".

The company has been under fire this year, with Washington leading efforts to blacklist Huawei internationally and securing the arrest of the company's chief financial officer in Canada.

So far, the company has signed deals with about 50 carriers globally, and delivered 10,000 5G base stations to the world, Huawei told the Global Times in an earlier interview. The U.S. and Taiwan also restrict use of Huawei products.

In Vancouver, Meng appears in court, where allegations of fraud are laid out. Meng, the daughter of Huawei's founder, Ren Zhengfei, faces possible USA charges of lying to a bank to hide Huawei's dealings with Iran. But Beijing-based Western diplomats and former Canadian diplomats have said they believed the detentions were a "tit-for-tat" reprisal by China.

President Donald Trump complicated matters by saying he might intervene in the case if would help clinch a USA trade agreement with China - much to the consternation of Canadian officials who said the arrest was not political and they were just following their extradition treaty obligations.