Chile to host United Nations climate talks in 2019

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After two weeks of crunch negotiations - with overtime - the nearly 200 parties gathered in Katowice, Poland, for the United Nations COP24 two-week climate change conference, adopted on Saturday a "robust" set of implementing guidelines for the landmark 2015 Paris Agreement, aimed at keeping global warming well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels.

Diplomats and ministers prepared for a closing meeting at noon Saturday, a day past the original deadline, but success was still uncertain.

"One of those key rules - which is the bedrock of carbon markets - is no double counting of emissions reductions".

But the latest drafts offer little comfort to those countries that also want rich industrial nations to pay for damage already caused by global warming, arguing that they're to blame for most of the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases humans have pumped into the atmosphere.

They require all nations, including developing countries, to report details of their efforts to reduce greenhouse gases emissions.

"Polish Presidency informs that a preliminary version of the package implementing the Paris Agreement has been worked out".

But this would require a drastic overhaul of the global economy, including ending the use of nearly all fossil fuels.

There are also calls for all countries to increase their carbon cutting commitments by 2020.

"China and the USA have worked together with all other countries to complete the negotiation and thus make the Paris Agreement a milestone achievement in global climate governance", Beijing's chief negotiator, Xie Zhenhua, told reporters.

"We are not prepared to die", said Mohamed Nasheed, former Maldives president and a veteran of United Nations climate summits.

The sun sets over buildings in Milan Italy as the climate change conference COP24 came to a close
The sun sets over buildings in Milan Italy as the climate change conference COP24 came to a close

Until then, it still attends annual United Nations climate talks.

"We find the ambivalence of countries in these negotiations unacceptable".

The clash pits emerging economies such as Brazil - which amassed large piles of carbon credits under the 1997 Kyoto treaty's rules - against industrial countries such as those in the European Union, which believe the older credits aren't worth the paper they were printed on.

Brazil's delegation rejected the claim.

UN talks aimed at averting catastrophic climate change are set to wrap up in Poland Friday after two weeks of heated disputes between rich and poor nations that saw countries most at risk plead for action.

"Brazil is now working with other parties on a bridging proposal", said the country's chief negotiator, Antonio Marcondes.

Talks have however hit a wall over a host of disputes ranging from adopting the newest environmental data to how the fight against climate change will be financed in future.

Harjeet Singh, global climate lead at ActionAid, said rich countries were "playing a cruel joke" on developing nations. This reflects the standpoint of the industrialized nations.

"If we let entire stretches of this planet become uninhabitable, then it will trigger very big costs", Schulze told reporters, adding that developing technology to lower emissions would give Germany a competitive economic advantage.

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