Luxembourg to make public transport FREE for everyone across the whole country

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In a bid to do away with its traffic woes and keep up with its promises of social welfare, the Xavier Bettel-led government in Luxembourg has chose to provide free public transport to commuters. As the UK's The Independent newspaper noted, fares are capped at about $2.20 for two hours of travel.

This is one part of the plans of the re-election coalition government led by Xavier Bettel has been sworn in as Prime Minister for a second term. Children and young people under the age of 20 already travel for free and many qualify for an annual mPass, which costs €150.

Students in secondary schools also have shuttles which ferry them from home to school and back for free.

The policy will save the government money on the collection and policing of ticket purchases.

Luxembourg has long taken a progressive approach to public transport.

The proposal aims to reduce traffic congestion, as despite being a country of just 999 square miles, Luxembourg City suffers from some of the worst traffic congestion in the world.

Luxembourg to make public transport free for all

Luxembourg is a small European country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany.

Apart from making public transportation free for all, the new government coalition led by Bettel, which consists of the liberal Democratic Party, the leftist Socialist Workers' party, and the Greens, is also considering legalising cannabis for recreational use.

Drivers spent an average of 33 hours in traffic jams in 2016, according to a study.

There are a few issues to be sorted out before fares are abolished, such as what to do about first- and second-class train compartments. The two-time prime minister promised voters that environmental concerns would be of paramount importance while he remained in office, The Guardian reported.

However, because the Greens gained, the three parties in government have 31 seats in the 60-seat chamber.

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