Chinese cinemagoers not insane over crazy Rich Asians

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Movie audiences in China largely ignored Warner Bros.' "Crazy Rich Asians", which opened this weekend in the lucrative market and only grossed $1.2 million.

The lack of interest in the rom-com from Chinese audiences was evident within a day of its release, with cinemas choosing to slash screenings by nearly half in favour of other films, Variety reports. The film finally released in China on 30 November.

However, comments posted to Chinese social media sites questioned how the film - which was praised as an example of diversity and representation - could be celebrated.

"So Chinese people in the eyes of Europeans and Americans are just about clans, extravagant snobbery, a blind sense of superiority, and stubbornly clinging to outdated rules and ideas?" one Chinese user wrote Sunday on major review platform Douban, where the film already has a 6.2 out of 10 rating (many audience members have already seen the movie after it was widely pirated online).

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While producers had sought to get Crazy Rich Asians released in China over the summer, the request received no response for months from the country's film regulator, leading to speculation that perhaps the movie's focus on conspicuous displays of wealth might have got it banned or that perhaps it had become a casualty of the US-China trade war.

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