Schumer wins another term as Democrats’ leader

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And now, some are considering whether to oust her.

"Come on in, the water's warm", Pelosi said.

The candidates faced huge pressure to distance themselves from her. Abigail Spanberger, who beat incumbent Republican David Brat in Virginia, was crystal clear.

At Wednesday's news conference, McCarthy said he does not believe that the President is to blame for House Republicans losing their majority, but he conceded that the party has work to do to improve its standing with voters, particularly in suburban areas.

House Republicans - who will become the minority party in that chamber in January - convene in the afternoon. So if members skip the vote or decide to vote "present", that would lower the threshold below 218 to win the speaker's election, something that could help Pelosi if her critics decide to skip the vote rather than vote against her.

Pelosi became the first and only female speaker in US history when she held the title from 2007 to 2011.

For days, Pelosi herself expressed no doubt she'd be elected speaker.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been elected to another term as GOP leader. Sherrill, before the election, told a supporter of Pelosi's very mature response: "Oh, Mikie, just win". "Senate Democrats are committed to fighting to make those ideas a reality in this upcoming Congress". Jordan arranged television commercials and other advertising to support his campaign for House leader, an unusual step. "And I think we're in for a lot of fissures and a lot of discord within as well, which is going to undermine their ability to move forward with their agenda", Dhillon warned. "I don't want to keep doing the same dumb things that we're doing and lose races".

Not good enough. Pelosi is reinstating a 2007 committee tasked with investigating the harms of climate change.

But it's unclear if those members might vote against her in the caucus yet vote for her on the House floor.

The poor GOP showing has prompted prominent Republicans in the state to argue that the party needs to do some soul-searching.

Numerous incoming freshmen are already getting calls from both sides, offering them encouragement and support as they navigate their new environment. "But we need to win suburban seats in the Sun Belt and the Midwest".

In Ohio, Republicans won a contested governor's race and held all their House seats despite a tough national environment.

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Traditionally, that's easy. There are rarely few defections from the party of a speaker nominee during the final vote. Democrats in rebellion against Pelosi can vote with Republicans against her, barring her from the speakership.

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist is backing Nancy Pelosi to once again lead Democrats and the House of Representatives as Speaker of the House. Once all the votes are counted, which could take weeks in some cases as absentees and provisional ballots are tallied, they could win close to 40.

House Agriculture chairman Michael Conaway (R-TX) cheered McCarthy's election to leading Republicans in the minority. "In fact, it would effectively overturn the election result".

They two encountered questions and finger-pointing during a private meeting with lawmakers Tuesday night as the GOP sorted through the midterm defeat that put Democrats in the majority next year.

Mississippi: Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith will face Democrat Mike Espy in a runoff later this month.

But Pelosi may not necessarily need 218 votes after all.

The new tweet is far from the first time Trump has opined on markets.

ME-2 GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin is ahead, but Maine's ranked-choice voting system could give the race to Democrat Jared Golden. Ryan announced in April that he would not seek re-election and has endorsed McCarthy, the House majority leader for the past four years, to be his successor.

The caucus is expected to debate a proposal this week that would change the caucus rules and make it more hard for anyone to secure the speaker nomination, including Pelosi.

"I would say I have not made a decision yet, " said Meuser at freshman orientation.

A day after winning back the House last week, Pelosi was boasting about the unprecedented number of women who were elected to the House.

"I will be speaker", she said Wednesday of her prospects.