China Unveils New 'Heavenly Palace' Space Station

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The next crew, Oleg Kononenko (Russia), Anne Charlotte McClain (United States), and David Saint-Jacques (Canada), was initially scheduled to be sent to the ISS in late December, but that launch was rescheduled after the October 11 accident.

It should as well become the only resort to move into the space after the retreat scheduled in 2024 the global space station (ISS) - which combines the United States, Russia, Europe, Japan, and Canada.

China unveiled a partial model of its manned space station at an aerospace fair in Zhuhai.

China says its space station will be open to all countries.

Citing China as a threat, U.S. President Donald Trump has launched plans to create a new "Space Force" to give his country dominance over rivals in space.

The space station is now home to two Russians, three Americans and one Japanese.

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The space station is expected to be fully operational around 2022. China announced earlier this year that they would allow other countries to conduct experiments on-board Tiangong.

China has already invited distinguished universities, research institutes, and both public and private companies to propose possible projects.

The camera's ability to record twice the pixels and at resolutions four times higher than the 4K camera brings science in orbit into the homes, laboratories and classrooms of everyone on Earth, NASA said in a statement.

One of the three computers on the Russian side of the International Space Station has crashed, but orbital operations are unaffected because the two other systems are in working order, Russia's space agency reported today.

Should NASA invest in the creation of another space station or just rely on the future Tiangong Space Station?

Beijing is pouring billions into its military-run space program, with plans to send humans to the Moon in the near future.