Twitter removes thousands of automated accounts

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The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee couldn't immediately be reached for comment.

Twitter's move bowing to liberals was considered a pre-election victory for the Democratic Party.

In particular, the platform disappeared ten thousand accounts.

Among the posts identified by the DCCC's system were tweets that specifically discouraged Democratic men from voting in the November 6 midterms, "by arguing that their ballots would drown out those cast by women", the report said.

Apparently, at Twitter, those who lean to the left have a louder voice than those on the right.

Ahead of midterms, Twitter established communication channels for both major United States parties to report any suspicious activities but did not mention any complaints from Republicans.

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While 10,000 is a tiny number compared to other account suspension efforts from the social network this year-Twitter purged more than 70 million fake accounts in May and June alone-the latest removal showed just how daunting the challenge of scrubbing disinformation from the sprawling and often anonymous social network is.

Dems just weeding out conservative "bots"?

For months, Twitter has sought to eliminate automated and bogus accounts created to manipulate the public conversation.

While few details were revealed, some accounts allegedly posed as Democrats and called on the voters not to come to the polls under various bogus pretexts. The messages were signed the names of the representatives of the democratic party. This is reported by Reuters.

Using publicly available tools known as "Hoaxley" and "Botometer", the DCCC developed a system for detecting and reporting suspected automated social media activity, Democratic sources told Reuters. The accounts also appeared to be domestic.

University of IN professor of Informatics and Computer Science Filippo Menczer indicated that his system is not geared to help either party IN particular, but it is the Democrats who have used to tool to their advantage.