Iranian marchers chant 'Death to America' on eve of USA oil sanctions

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On November 4, 1979, and in less than a year after the victory of the Islamic Revolution that toppled a US-backed monarchy, Iranian university students who called themselves "students following the line of (the late) Imam (Khomeini)" seized the USA embassy in Tehran, which had become a center of espionage and planning to overthrow the newly established Islamic system in Iran.

Students at the government-organised march in the capital burned pictures of Donald Trump, the US President, and the US flag to mark the seizure of the US Embassy during the 1979 Islamic Revolution. The two countries have been enemies ever since. The turnout figure could not be independently confirmed by Reuters.

Iran's clerically-led government celebrates the embassy takeover every year as a decisive blow against the United States, which had supported the autocratic rule of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Trump said the deal, approved by predecessor Barack Obama, was weak and flawed in Iran's favour. But rancour is especially strong this time following Trump's decision in May to withdraw from world powers' 2015 nuclear deal with Iran and reimpose sanctions on Tehran.

The sanctions will take effect on Monday and cover Iran's shipping, financial and energy sectors. The other signatories remain committed to the accord.

Washington has said the European Union as a bloc will not get a waiver.

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US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Friday that Washington would allow eight countries to continue importing Iranian oil, but only at much lower levels after the re-imposition of sanctions. "And we're going to provide that to them".

Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates has denounced the USA administration's bid to re-impose sanctions on Iran's vital oil and financial sectors, saying this move is in line with Washington's policies to undermine peace and security in the Middle East.

Iran has stuck with the deal, but the USA pulled out unilaterally saying the agreement did not go far in enough to curtail Tehran's regional involvement, including support for Bashar Assad in Syria.

"It's black humour, but the audience can also be brought to reflect on the contradictions in the behaviour of Trump and (the royal house of) Al Saud", artist Masoud Shojaei Tabatabai told state television in Tehran. "America's goal has been to re-establish the domination it had, but it has failed".

"Most countries except few ones have started opposing the USA behavior, particularly over the re-imposition of unilateral sanctions", the top Iranian diplomat said.