Flu Vaccination Very Important For Pregnant Women Says CDC

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Most parents incorrectly believe the flu shot can cause the flu, a new survey reveals.

The actual viruses that go into the vaccine are dictated by research that suggests they'll be the most common during the upcoming season, the CDC explains.

The first pediatric death of the 2018-19 flu season has been reported by the Florida Department of Health (FDH). Frank Belmonte, Advocate Children's Hospital.

'It's made of a dead virus.

"You can not get flu from the flu vaccine".

Some people do get achy and exhausted after getting the vaccine but that's usually just the immune system mounting a response. Those groups did not recommend the spray the last two flu seasons because it was not effective against some strains of influenza, but this year the organizations support the nasal spray as an alternative to the shot. Healthy Schools, founded by former Jacksonville Jaguars player Tony Boselli, said the clinics are getting back on track, offering in-school flu shots to students in the district.

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However, fears surrounding the shot persist.

28 percent of parents believe flu vaccines can cause autism.

Lynnette Brammer, leader of the US Centers for Disease Control and Protection's Domestic Influenza Surveillance team, said that "it's not uncommon to start to see small numbers of deaths around this time of year due to influenza even when activity is low". Rock says that they do have statistics that show since the invention of vaccines, the death rates and illnesses associated with communicable diseases have gone down drastically. Federal health officials recommend getting the flu shot before the end of October.

'This is the season of respiratory viruses [so] people tend to catch other viruses at the same time [they] get the flu shot, and attribute it to the flu shot'. You really feel like you've been run over by a bus.

'If you should feel sore more than a couple of days, contact your doctor'.

Starting October 15, all Albertans older than six months were able to receive the flu vaccine free of charge through Alberta Health Services (AHS) locations and qualifying pharmacists and physician offices.