After Hurricane Michael, hard-hit communities begin picking up the pieces

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Because tax payments related to the 2017 returns were due on April 18, however, those payments don't qualify for relief. "Persons located within these areas should take all necessary actions to protect life and property from rising water and the potential for other risky conditions", the hurricane center said.

While Florence took five days between the time it turned into a hurricane and the moment it rolled into the Carolinas, Michael gave Florida what amounted to two days' notice.

With an officiant standing in front of them, the couple said their vows on the beach as brisk winds brushed them.

But some officials were anxious by what they weren't seeing — a rush of evacuees.

It "poses a deadly threat and as it grows stronger, we can expect it make landfall as a major Category 3 storm", said Scott, warning that it "could bring total devastation to parts of our state, especially in the panhandle".

Danville police said in a statement on Friday that 60-year-old Jennifer Bjarnesen Mitchell of Danville died Thursday evening.

"Stuff like power, water, communications and the road order to operate modern supply chains, we rely on all of those things", she says.

And in Danville, two people died after being swept away by flood waters.

"People have no idea how hard Hurricane Michael has hit the great state of Georgia". They include a firefighter who was struck and killed by a truck outside Richmond.

- Hurricane Michael is still 275 miles away from Tampa Bay, but it's already contributing to minor flooding in the Bay Area.

Measurements posted by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission on its red tide website showed high concentrations off some Pinellas County, Florida, beaches on Thursday.

Michael gained new strength over warm tropical waters amid a forecast that it would swiftly intensify into a major hurricane before striking Florida's northeast Gulf Coast, where frantic coastal residents were boarding up homes and seeking evacuation routes away from the risky storm heading their way.

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Joseph Zahralban is Miami's fire chief.

But when search and rescue and medical teams are needed, the ability for those emergency responders to communicate might be paramount. He said it was unclear if the man lived alone or with a family.

It's reported that hundreds of people are still unaccounted for in Mexico Beach and other areas, but authorities say this may reflect an inability to communicate with relatives because mobile phone coverage is out in many areas.

The death toll is expected to rise as rescuers go house-to-house and comb through the rubble in Mexico Beach and other Florida coastal communities, such as Port St. Joe and Panama City, said Brock Long, administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Rescuers found the body of the man overnight and the woman is still missing.

Oil and gas workers are returning to drilling rigs and production platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, but oil production remains down by about one-third as operations are restarted. The agency bases its estimates on daily reports from operators. Hurricane Michael in the Caribbean could have also contributed.

The surge, or the rise in ocean water above normally dry land along the coast, could reach at least eight to 12 feet in the hardest-hit areas, inundating roads, homes and businesses.

More than 1 million people were left without power in the Southern states that Michael tore through, with restoration also ongoing.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott called Michael a "monstrous hurricane" with a devastating potential from high winds, storm surge and heavy rains.

While many homes survived the storm, the rest of Mexico Beach was not lucky, and most of the beachfront homes, restaurants and stores were destroyed by the storm. The storm then raced through Georgia, the Carolinas and on to Virginia.

In addition, "shipping terminals are shut down and carriers place embargoes", meaning shipments may not move through storm-affected areas for some time: "For example, if I pick up a shipment in California that's bound for Tallahassee, that carrier may say, "Hey, I will move this as close as I can, but I'm not going to deliver it until it's free and clear to deliver into Tallahassee once we know - once we get the green light from all the rescue efforts that are going on and the businesses start reopening".

He adds: "We are with you!"