Freeland postpones United Nations speech today amid NAFTA talks and looming deadline

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"In the next 48 hours, we will know if we are going to a text trilateral", added the minister.

The mexican Senate, largely dominated by the left party Morena, the new president, announced that the mexican government would be filing Friday, the text of the agreement signed in August between the United States and Mexico for the approval of the senators.

"Canada wants some assurances going forward that the president will not continue to use this, after we sign an agreement, to harass our industries simply because he's mad at our prime minister", the president of the Canadian Labour Congress told BNN Bloomberg television Thursday.

He also indicated having had a telephone conversation on Thursday with the canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, who once told him that "the negotiation was very hard, and that perhaps it would not be possible" to find a compromise.

But the ensuing talks to incorporate Canada have stumbled. Talks remain snagged on several issues, including USA demands for greater access to Canada's dairy market and Canadian resistance to scrapping a dispute settlement procedure.

Trump is under increasing pressure from U.S. business groups and some members of the U.S. Congress, who say excluding Canada from NAFTA would play havoc with the three member nations' increasingly integrated economies.

Tempers flared this week on both sides as the end-of-month deadline approached.

"We're very unhappy with the negotiations and the negotiating style of Canada", Trump said.

Trudeau's "tariffs are too high, and he doesn't seem to want to move, and I've told him forget about it, and frankly, we're thinking about just taxing cars coming in from Canada", Trump said.

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Le chef de l'État a appelé au respect des règles commerciales qui ' garantissent une concurrence équitable sur un pied d'égalité '.

Despite encouraging signs, it's still far from clear whether the federal government will end the day as part of a trilateral free trade deal with the USA and Mexico on the eve of a key congressional deadline.

The politics are high-stakes on both sides: Trump needs to look strong heading into the USA mid-term elections in November, while Trudeau does not want to be seen as caving with a general election looming next year.

'There is no fatal date, there is still time to reach a deal, ' he told a press conference earlier Friday.

Relations between the Canadian and USA leaders have been chilly since June, when Trump left a Group of Seven summit in Canada and then accused Trudeau of being dishonest and weak.

Lopez Obrador, widely known as "AMLO", has been actively involved in the negotiations to update the trade agreement.

"They're moving towards closing the deal - it's really not a question of if, it's a question of when", said Daniel Ujczo, an Ohio-based worldwide trade lawyer at Dickinson Wright who represents large US automakers and auto-parts manufacturers. The United States has said Mexico agreed to eliminate a system of settlement panels to arbitrate disputes over anti-dumping and anti-dumping tariffs. They suspected that Canada, which had said it wasn't bound by US deadlines, was delaying the talks until after provincial elections Monday in Quebec, where support for Canadian dairy tariffs runs high.

The leftist president-elect reiterated his insistence that Mexico prefers to keep NAFTA 2.0 a three-country deal.

But Lopez Obrador, who takes office on December 1, said the NAFTA language between Washington and Mexico City was now final.

'We don't want to put our economic future and our country's financial stability at risk, ' he said.