Netanyahu warns Putin over transferring arms to ‘irresponsible hands’

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France has warned Syria faces a future of perpetual war unless Russian Federation agrees to turn the one-month ceasefire in Idlib into a wider UN-endorsed political agreement.

The Russian government announced Monday that it would be sending Syria an S-300 surface-to-air missile system.

Bolton said a political process was needed to end Syria's war but that Russia's plans with the S-300 made that hard.

But now, when Israel knocks down a Syrian air defense site, it runs the risk of killing Russian servicemen. Now, "Israelis will be limited to night-time sorties".

The good news, however, is that Israel is no stranger to the S-300 system.

Those who were surprised by Russian President Vladimir Putin's calm demeanor after a Russian reconnaissance plane was shot down by Syrian forces last week are now seeing the missing factors in the originally confusing equation. "This is also what the Vietnamese did to the Americans".

Last week, Russia's foreign ministry said Israel must provide Moscow with more information about the downing of the military aircraft near the Syrian coast.

Russian Federation to supply Syria with missile system
The Kremlin said Russia's decision was not targeted against anyone and only serves to protect Russian troops in Syria . For its part, Israel is wary of Iran's growing influence in Syria, bringing its archenemy closer to its borders.

Still, Israel worries that the advanced missile system could make it more hard for them to target Iranian positions inside Syria.

Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Liberman warned earlier this year that Israel will respond with force if anyone shoots at Israeli planes. This will facilitate centralized control over all forces and resources of the Syrian air defense, monitor the situation in the air, and ensure operative issuance of orders. Israel effectively used the plane as a cover during the attack, he added. The actual figure has not been determined.

There were rumours in late April, just weeks after the US, Britain, and France launched strikes on Syria from both air and sea, about the possible provision of Russian S-300 anti-missile batteries to the Syrian regime. In the case that the S-300 is destroyed or fails to operate as advertised, it would harm the image of Russian geopolitical strength. "Dealing with that reality would mean we get the locals stood up and we make certain they can actually hold on to that security".

Russian Federation has previously deployed point defence missiles to Syria.

Russian Federation said Monday that it would equip Syria with sophisticated air defense systems, a move that could worsen a rift with Israel by limiting its ability to bomb across its northern border. As one senior US Marine Corps aviator stated, the S-300 series is deadly. In February, Syria succeeded in downing an Israeli F-16. "That is not an easy thing where you're up against an enemy that is as capable as ISIS".

USA officials believe that Russian Federation agreed to halt the offensive on Idlib because Moscow believes the Assad regime in Damascus could not quickly defeat the rebel holdout without chemical weapons and realised that major use of chemical arms would invite United States and allied intervention.

"The security cabinet has instructed the IDF to continue to take action against attempts by Iran to establish a military presence in Syria while continuing the security coordination with Russian Federation", the statement read, echoing comments made by Israeli defense officials over the past week.