New evacuations ordered because of Florence flooding - 9/21/2018 9:30:36 AM

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Two Kinston men died during Florence: a 68-year-old electrocuted while trying to connect two extension cords in Florence's torrential rains to power a generator, and a 77-year-old blown to the ground when he went outside to check on his hunting dogs during the storm.

He added: 'We need it, and we have it, and we will be applying it, and there will be nothing left undone'.

The National Weather Service issued a flood warning for the Waccamaw River in Conway, which was already at 13.5 feet above flood level on September 19, and was expected to rise by 1.5 feet a day starting September 20.

Lisa Shackleford hugs her pet dogs Izzy and Bella as she wades through flood waters to safety while the Northeast Cape Fear River breaks its banks in the aftermath Hurricane Florence in Burgaw, North Carolina, Sept. 17, 2018.

"This is an epic storm that is still continuing", Cooper said.

Some 4,700 people across North Carolina have been rescued by boat or helicopter since the storm made landfall, twice as many as in Hurricane Matthew two years ago, according to state officials.

The Miami Herald never mentioned global warming in 21 stories on Hurricane Florence, Public Citizen found-despite being based in one of the U.S. cities most vulnerable to climate change.

At least 36 deaths have been attributed to the storm, including 27 in North Carolina, eight in SC and one in Virginia.

President Trump hands out food on Wednesday at Temple Baptist Church in New Bern, N.C., where food and other supplies are being distributed.

North Carolina floods prevent inspectors from studying environmental harm
A landfill that was under construction at the site ruptured over the weekend, spilling enough material to fill 180 dump trucks. Coal ash entered the public consciousness in 2014, when a Duke pit failed and released 39,000 tons of ash into the Dan River.

He also asked about Lake Norman - where he owns the Trump National Golf Club Charlotte.

In North Carolina, Gov. Roy Cooper warned residents to "stay alert" as water rises.

"God bless you", Trump said during a briefing in Havelock, N.C.

In a phone interview Friday, Kinlaw estimated 100 people were evacuated Thursday night and that about 50 people remain in the town.

He indicated that the federal government has the resources and money to help.

Governor Cooper thanked the president for coming. "We need a serious national discussion about the urgent, existential threat from climate change and how we are going to fix it-and it's very hard to have that conversation when media won't talk about the topic".

Trump spent the run-up to the storm focused on criticism of the federal response to a hurricane that battered Puerto Rico past year, rejecting the official death toll of almost 3,000 and claiming Democrats manufactured the number to make him "look bad". The enduring image of the trip was of Trump at a church lobbing paper towels into the crowd as if shooting baskets.

While most people were able to evacuate, that wasn't the case with livestock. Four days later, he returned - and urged people at a Houston shelter to "have a good time".

"It's getting a little frustrating, but you have to deal with it and roll with the punches", said Roberta Keithley, 73.