Trump declares administration ‘completely ready’ for Hurricane Florence

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Tens of thousands of homes and businesses could be flooded in North Carolina alone, Governor Cooper warned.

A local handyman, he knew some of those houses might not be there next week.

Wind and the tidal surge will be the biggest issues for airports in the coastal Carolinas, FlightAware's Orsi said. The pictures they managed to take are both handsome and terrifying. It's only a matter of time. The problem is, Flo is now expected to stall out over the Carolinas before slowly moving inland.

That rate is expected to accelerate as the oceans warm, sea water expands, currents weaken and polar ice sheets melt.

Anxious that such dire warnings were bad for business, coastal developers successfully lobbied North Carolina's Republican-controlled legislature to pass a law in 2012 requiring state scientists and regulators to consider the "full range" of other possible hypotheses, including those pushed by climate-change skeptics who claim sea levels might remain flat, or even fall. David Rouzer, a primary sponsor of the law, declared at the time.

More than 20 people were killed in the Palmetto State. Billions continue to be invested in homes and condos on low-lying land that will probably be inundated.

Duke Energy serves 4 million people in the Carolinas. Commercial insurers don't offer flood coverage for homeowners in these regions, so they're required to buy Federal flood insurance. Officials say people refusing to evacuate could end up alone, drenched and in the dark, as rescue crews won't go out to help in winds above 80 km/h.

Masters said there's a tug-of-war between two clear-skies high-pressure systems - one off the coast and one over MI. "Nothing good can possibly come of politicians favoring politics over precaution".

La côte est américaine en alerte maximale — Ouragan Florence
De nombreux centres d'accueil , pourvus en eau et en nourriture, ont également été mis en place dans les trois Etats. La Caroline du Sud et l'Etat de Virginie ont également suivi cette prédisposition samedi 8 septembre.

Myrtle Beach International Airport in SC has also suspended commercial operations, and urges passengers to check with their airlines - not the airport - about upcoming itineraries. Huge apartment and condo buildings have sprung up in recent years in some of the state's lowest-lying areas. "We're kind of at the mercy of the storm".

Tropical storm-force winds extended 195 miles from Florence's center, and hurricane-force winds reached out 70 miles.

McMaster and state officials urged residents eager to return home to be patient, stressing Florence will be a long-term event, with prolonged river flooding, power outages and road closures likely to extend well into next week.

For many of those under evacuation orders, getting out of harm's way has proved difficult, as airlines canceled flights and motorists had a hard time finding gas. But authorities warned it will still be an extremely risky hurricane. First off, additional weakening is unlikely until the eye comes ashore.

If some of the computer projections hold, "it's going to come roaring up to the coast Thursday night and say, 'I'm not sure I really want to do this, and I'll just take a tour of the coast and decide where I want to go inland, '" said Jeff Masters, meteorology director of the private Weather Underground forecasting service. "It's something we haven't seen. ever". "Leaving is such a problem with the traffic going out", Jennie told VOA Thursday afternoon as she strolled along the shore of Carolina Beach near Wilmington, North Carolina.

Her neighbors gave her the key to their house, which is two stories and might be safer from flooding, she said. It ranged 59 to 83 feet Wednesday morning.

We have the greatest fans in the country and I think that moving this game up, they all want to see the game, they all want to see us play, they all want to be here on campus, but they all understand that we have their safety in mind and that's why we've moved the game up. "I just need to be near the water. Our sunset here is like no other".

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