Israel confirms 200 strikes in Syria in 18 months

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A total of 202 strikes were carried out in neighbouring Syria, the official said, all of which involved "military targets, a lot of them belonging to the (Iranian) Revolutionary Guards". His statement was later confirmed by a military spokeswoman.

Israeli fighter jets attacked the Syrian army's military positions in Northwestern Hama and Tartus, while the Damascus air defense units destroyed several incoming Israeli missiles, media reports said.

The rationale behind specific Israeli strikes in Syria is often unclear, and officials rarely admit to specific strikes, let alone why they were carried out.

That left another 100 in the time since, according to the official Israeli accounts issued on Tuesday - roughly two attacks per week.

"Only just now it was published - in the name of military sources, so I can quote it too - that in the last two years Israel has taken military action more than 200 times within Syria itself", Katz told a conference hosted by the IDC Herzliya college.

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Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami was in Damascus last week and signed an agreement on defense and technical cooperation created to ensure the continued presence and participation of Iran in Syria's reconstruction.

Iran, Israel's arch-foe, has been a core supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad throughout the 7-year-old civil war, sending military advisers as well as materiel and regional Shi'ite militias that it backs.

On Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman hinted that Israel could strike Iranian targets outside Syria.

Reuters reported over the weekend that Iran has been transferring missiles to Shia proxies in Iraq over the past few months and that it is building missile manufacturing facilities in Iraq and Syria.

The official said alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria on Tuesday were not included in the tally.