California Becomes First State To End Cash Bail After 40-Year Fight

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Most suspects accused of nonviolent felonies will be released within 12 hours of booking, while those charged with serious, violent felonies will stay in jail before trial.

"Abolishing money bail and replacing it with a risk-based system will enhance justice and safety".

The Times reported that Republican Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado Hills) said that eliminating bail would put a big financial burden on California's 58 counties, and expects that SB 10 will be overturned in constitutional challenges in the courts.

"Our path to a more just criminal justice system is not complete, but today it made a transformational shift away from valuing private wealth and toward protecting public safety", Sen. Other states including New Jersey, Alaska and New Mexico have overhauled their bail systems, although no other state has completely eliminated bail. In other instances, defendants will be scored on how likely they are to show up for their court date, the seriousness of their crime, and the likelihood of recidivism. Under last-minute changes, judges would have greater power to decide which people are a danger to the community and should be held without any possibility of release in a practice known as "preventive detention".

'Today, California reforms its bail system so that rich and poor alike are treated fairly, ' Brown said.

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"They took our rallying cry of ending money bail and used it against us to further threaten and criminalize and jail our loved ones".

"This is a bill that has confused a lot of people because it does do something very positive, which is to end the bail industry", she said.

But in the last few weeks, as this final compromise bill was revealed, the ACLU and some other groups who have really pushed for this reform said they are going to oppose it.

Dan Jacobson, state director for Environment California, crowed, "California would really become a shining state in terms of creating a real example for the rest of the country to look toward for creating an alternative to fossil fuels and having a healthy, growing economy".

Brown's signature gives the state's Judicial Council broad authority to reshape pretrial detention policies.