On Anniversary of Heather Heyer’s Death, Her Mother Reflects on Her Loss

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In Washington, Police Chief Peter Newsham said his officers will keep the "Unite the Right 2" protesters and the counterprotesters separate.

More: 'It's right there in front of the White House': Is D.C. ready for Unite the Right? Several demonstrations by counterprotesters, who were expected to outnumber the white nationalists, were due to be held nearby.

At least two people were arrested, according to the Charlottesville police.

One year removed, many say the president still employs racist rhetoric, illustrated in part by his continual criticism of black NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to protest police brutality and social inequality. A man who espoused neo-Nazi views drove his vehicle into the counterdemonstrators, killing a 32-year-old woman, Heather Heyer.

But the far-right demonstrators won't be alone.

FILE - "Unite the Right" demonstrators clash with counter-demonstrators at the entrance to Lee Park in Charlottesville, Virginia., Aug. 12, 2017. Other groups of counterprotesters have permits to gather elsewhere in the city.

A counterprotest organizer, speaking from the stage, said: "We will be here until these fascist forces are gone, however long that takes". Attendees, he said, may express themselves in "whichever way you feel comfortable in expressing your civil liberties". "I was told yes, it did", Garrett told CNN.

"This is not normal", Moore said.

The number of people at Kessler's event could be lower than his estimate and likely will be dwarfed by counterprotests.

Donald Trump sparked outrage last year by repeatedly condemning "both sides" for the violence last year in Charlottesville.

Get ready for another white nationalist rally -- and counter-protests, too
Many participants dressed as if they were headed to battle, shouted racist slurs and clashed violently with counter-protesters. Police cars, SUVs and buses poured into downtown Charlottesville Friday, setting up a security area around the downtown mall.

"We must come together as a nation", he wrote.

On Saturday, Trump condemned "all types of racism" in a Twitter post marking the anniversary.

Last year, President Trump was criticized after the attack for saying there were "very fine people" on both sides of the rally, seemingly equating the actions of white nationalists with counter-protesters.

There they sang spirituals and held a moment of silence.

More than 200 left-wing protesters marched to another part of the University of Virginia campus, where, the AP delicately notes, "many in the crowd shouted at officers in riot gear who had formed a line".

Some people might be comforted by the police, Woolfork continued. "We don't see no riot here".

"It's a sad indictment of this country that we are even having to deal with organized white supremacists", Mike Stark, an organizer for the march to Lafayette Park, said in a statement.

Trump has retweeted white nationalist material, said Mexicans crossing the U.S. border are rapists and drug dealers, once referred to a Hispanic Miss Universe as "Miss Housekeeping" and employed Steve Bannon, a central figure of the new "alt-right" in America, as his campaign chief and top strategist for a time. "The world went insane when Heather lost her life, and that's not fair".

Ahead of the anniversary of the deadly rally, Heyer's mother Susan Bro said she is proud of her daughter and the difference her legacy is making. "I don't want other mothers to be in my spot", she said, her voice breaking with emotion.

The organizer behind the main event, set to take place at Lafayette Park, is Jason Kessler. The speakers listed on the permit include David Duke, a former Ku Klux Klan leader; the former town manager of Jackman, Maine, who was sacked for endorsing the idea that races should "voluntarily separate;" and a Holocaust denier who recently tried to run for Congress in California.