2 dead, at least 34 injured in Sunday shootings

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By comparison, at least seven people were killed and 32 were wounded during the long Memorial Day weekend, which is often one of the most violent weekends of the year for the city, the Chicago Tribune reported. During a Sunday news conference, Waller voiced frustration with gang members whom he blamed for taking advantage of large summer crowds to use as cover while seeking revenge. "Some of these instances were targeted and were related to gang conflicts in those areas", he said.

Chicago police said 44 people were shot in the city on Sunday within a space of 14 hours, including five who were killed.

In all, 66 people were shot between Friday evening and Sunday night, according to the official police tally.

Chicago's mayor says one lesson from a wave of weekend violence is that people who live in neighborhoods where the shootings occurred have to be willing to name potential suspects.

Former Chicago Police Board President Lori Lightfoot said the city is facing a "public health crisis", and Emanuel "cannot sit this out".

Ira Acree, co-chairman of the Leaders Network-Chicago and a pastor on the city's West Side, said this weekend's horrific violence underscores that two Chicago's exist-one that is thriving and largely inoculated from the shootings and another that's been ravaged by disinvestment and indifference from the city's politicians. Police say the violence is unacceptable and they say they continue to take illegal guns off the streets. "We are a better city".

Giuliani urged Chicago residents to vote against Emanuel's bid for a third term next February and back Garry McCarthy, also a Democrat, who served as the city's police chief for four years until 2015.

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He said in his tweet that 228 shootings and 42 homicides had been recorded in about three weeks in Chicago just between January 1 and 24, 2017.

After former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani pushed false Chicago crime numbers as real, Fox News presented his misleading statistics as fact and did not correct them on-air.

Officer Hannah Warren, a spokeswoman for the department, said police could not immediately confirm the numbers but would be conducting a news conference later Sunday.

A criminological analysis - based on Federal Bureau of Investigation crime statistics - of the nation's 30 largest cities ranks Chicago as having 2017's fourth-highest murder rate at 24.7 per 100,000; behind Baltimore (57.2) Detroit (40.8), and Memphis (28.4).

Johnson said, while investigators have "really good leads" on several of the shootings, police have not made any arrests.

Local media reported that the brunt of the violence happened in the city's West Side, where 25 people were shot in separate attacks. "I promise you it is not.No, we are behind the eight ball a little bit sometimes in trying to get people incarcerated, repeat offenders, we are behind the eight ball with that", he added.