Ends TERRIBLY: Idiot taunts Yellowstone bison by banging his chest

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Lindsey Jones shared the video to Facebook and at one point can be heard in the background saying, "Oh God, oh no, no, no, no". Realize how privileged we are to have these national parks. "I was definitely anxious for him!" she said. He jumps out of the way and does not appear to be injured by the bison as they go their separate ways in the video. The man runs away, then spins around and raises his arms.

As it turns out, the man was able to evade the bison's second charge, and shortly thereafter, the large animal can be seen walking away.

In the video, the man approaches the bison several times.

Hundreds of commenters didn't find the man's actions amusing or courageous, and said there should be consequences for what he did. We need people to be stewards of Yellowstone.

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It's unclear if the man in the video has been identified or if he will be fined in connection with the incident.

"These distances safeguard both visitors and the remarkable experience of sharing a landscape with thousands of freely-roaming animals", he said.

"People who ignore these rules are risking their lives and threatening the park experience for everyone else", said park superintendent Dan Wenk.

He added that, should members of the public see people mistreating the animals, they should tell a ranger, or call 911, if you see someone whose behavior might hurt them or the park.