Several opposition parties call for fresh elections

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"Prime Minister spoke to Mr Imran Khan, chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Party and congratulated him for his party emerging as the largest political party in the National Assembly of Pakistan in the recently conducted general elections", said the MEA communique. Reiterating his vision of peace in the region, Narendra Modi expressed hopes of democracy in the country.

With Pakistani election officials declaring the party of Imran Khan to be the victor of parliamentary balloting, the former cricket star turned Friday to forming a coalition government, since the party did not get an outright majority.

He has begun coalition talks to form the government after his party won 116 of 269 contested seats in the National Assembly.

The short but acrimonious campaign season largely boiled down to a two-way race between Khan's PTI and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz of ousted premier Nawaz Sharif, whose brother Shahbaz is leading its campaign. Opposition parties slammed the outcome, but a European Union monitoring team said despite problems, "over all the election results are credible". His party is reaching out to smaller parties and independents. Now it is a one-sided blame on Pakistan. Independent candidates won in 12 seats. After the joining of 11 independently elected provincial assembly members, the PTI's current strength in Punjab is 134.

Noor Ali, a Pakistani real estate agent, said the new prime minister and his government should prioritise providing new job opportunities for their people and work hard to eliminate poverty - which, as of 2017, was at nearly 30 per cent, according to the country's ministry of planning and reforms.

A multi-party conference (MPC) and Pakistan Peoples Party late on Friday rejected the just-concluded Pakistan election results, demanding a transparent and free and fair re-election. Thus, the actual strength of PTI including its two allies-PML-Q with 3 seats after Elahi leaves one and Awami Muslim League (AML) with one seat-is 114.

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But why not a prime minister?

Almost finalised results also indicated religious parties that fielded more candidates than ever before failed to win any National Assembly seats.

The Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA), a new alliance in Sindh province, has two seats.

The PML-N, which claims it was the target of military manipulation, said it would join in the protests although no date was immediately announced. "It was a very good meeting and you can call it a meeting of the minds".

He was re-elected to Punjab Assembly and served as the Minister of Planning and Development in the cabinet of the then chief minister Nawaz Sharif.

Further, the PTI leader urged Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA) Maulana Fazlur Rehman to not boycott parliament.