Kevin Durant: LeBron James to the Lakers a 'Perfect Move'

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LeBron James is a national treasure.

LeBron expressed his jitters over the unveiling this afternoon on Twitter, in response to a posting from his LJ's Fam Foundation Twitter handle.

For his part, Nance pretty much carried over what he had been doing with the Los Angeles Lakers once he was traded to the Cavs. "Then it went from just sitting there, then it went [to standing up], then it went from me sitting on the bench to me getting in an argument [with another parent]". "I thought it was the ideal decision, flawless move, did everything he was supposed to do in Cleveland. I'm really excited HBO believed in our idea and is helping us create something special". While it is not the most eye-opening signings, the focus is obviously still on the young core and these veterans will serve as good mentors and role players.

Jon Stewart: What do you say to your kid though, like living up to you being their dad. I think this is the ideal next step for him, and he's kinda breaking down the barriers of what an National Basketball Association superstar is supposed to be.

"Previous year was the first time I really had some time to go watch them play". I've walked the same streets, I've rode the same bikes. They're going to experience things I didn't experience.

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The timing, James acknowledged, is bittersweet, because he'd love to be there on a day-to-day basis for the kids in Akron.

James described the series to the outlet, saying: "This show is real, it's candid and it's the essence of conversation".

But in all seriousness, I love how involved LeBron is in his son's life.

LeBron already delivered a championship to Cleveland and his home state of OH, and now he's delivering a school in an area in which so many kids can benefit immensely from such an opportunity.