GOP lawmaker uses racial slur, drops pants on Sacha Baron Cohen's show

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A few weeks ago, Sacha Baron Cohen released a teaser for his new show, "Who Is America".

In the episode that aired Sunday night, Cohen - in character as Israeli terrorism expert Col. Erran Morad - trains Spencer to protect himself from a terror attack. He demands Spencer remove his trousers, and has him charge at him... ass-first. His impression of a Chinese tourist consists of frequent racist mumbling, interspersed with words like "konnichiwa", "red dragon", "Hong Kong", "sushi", "chopstick", and "Ho Chi Minh City".

The training escalates when Cohen informed Spencer that a successful tactic to avoid an ISIS kidnapping is to scream the n-word. He then asked Spencer to act as if he had three seconds to attract attention before getting kidnapped by a terrorist.

Incredibly, Spencer went along with this absurd idea and was seen on the show dropping his trousers and aggressively backing up bare-assed toward the Morad character, all while screaming the n-word. "This word is disgusting".

Last week, apparently in an effort to get in front of the Cohen segment, Spencer issued a statement lashing out at Cohen for tricking him in the same way he has tricked other politicians including Sarah Palin, Bernie Sanders and Dick Cheney in recent weeks. "I'd have them active and ready to go", Cheney had said.

Cohen also had Spencer chase him around the room with his trousers down, because he had tricked Spencer into believing that Muslims fear they will become gay if they touched his bare behind.

In May, Cheney told Fox Business that the USA should revive enhanced interrogation techniques.

Meanwhile, Spencer's actions trended from disappointing to deplorable.

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At the end of the segment, Spencer could be seen addressing the camera, saying, "I am Jason Spencer, I am an elected official in the state of Georgia". Gov. Nathan Deal, a Republican, said Monday that "the actions and language used by Jason Spencer are appalling and offensive".

Jason Spencer, a Georgia House Representative looked like an abject fool while spending time with Sacha Baron Cohen.

She added: "It was good because I saved 6,000 people".

Spencer was already a controversial figure. He dropped the legislation after a backlash.

In 2016, shortly after President Donald Trump won the election, Spencer filed and then withdrew - after an outcry - a bill that critics said would have effectively banned Muslims from wearing veils in public. He also threatened a black attorney opposed to Confederate monuments.

In response to critics, Spencer argued that Cohen "took advantage" of a "paralyzing fear" that his family is under threat.

Spencer said he thought the techniques would prevent "what I believed was an inevitable attack". "My fears were so heightened at the that time, I was not thinking clearly nor could I appreciate what I was agreeing to when I participated in his 'class'".