Kavanaugh could make red wave probable in Senate come November: Varney

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Flake is one of Trump's most vocal critics, but he seems to be OK with this Supreme Court nominee.

Hatch said on PBS that Kavanaugh should have an easier time than Justice Neil Gorsuch had past year, "but I don't know".

Conservatives will argue that the nominee is a mainstream jurist, and that any opposition is a form of liberal extremism that voters should consider when they go to the polls. He needs only one Republican to switch if Arizona Sen.

She said despite the "Antifa-like resistance" to the nomination, Kavanaugh could have been nominated by any Republican president.

But: Manchin released a statement strongly suggesting that Kavanaugh's opinions on preserving parts of Obamacare will be a deciding factor for the senator. "I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully" because it's "binding precedent" that has been "reaffirmed many times". That comes after both of them indicated, in the lead-up to Trump's announcement, that they couldn't be counted on to vote for the president's nominee. How Kavanaugh responds could be a significant determining factor for Collins. Susan Collins of ME - are uncertain. Kavanaugh, for instance, supported the highly controversial federal metadata collection program, declaring in 2015 that "the government's metadata collection program is entirely consistent with the Fourth Amendment". But the senator tweeted after the announcement that he looked forward to meeting Kavanaugh "with an open mind".

With President Trump's nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh as Justice Anthony Kennedy's replacement on the Supreme Court, the fate of Roe v. Wade and women's reproductive rights have sparked a sharp debate.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh stands on stage after he and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito participated in the opening panel of Georgetown Law Journal's annual symposium, in Washington on November 2, 2017. Speaking to reporters, she said, "The healthcare issues are very important to me".

Democrats intend to press the issue at Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings to persuade their colleagues to vote against him. And on the whole, they are much more likely to vote with Utah Sen. If he gets a "no" vote from all Democrats, he loses seats.

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"Kavanaugh's record shows someone who really cares about getting the law right", added Adler.

The appointment of Supreme Court justices was once a fairly civil and bipartisan affair: when Ruth Bader Ginsburg was nominated in 1993, Senators voted 96-3 to confirm her.

Unlike the last confirmation fight, when only 10 percent of Supreme Court related ads were anti-Gorsuch, liberal groups are planning large ad buys as well. This decision will directly impact nearly 40 percent of my state, so I'm very interested in his position on protecting West Virginians with pre-existing conditions. Given Kavanaugh has been a reliably conservative judge, this could be a source of friction for Manchin. AFP vice president Sarah Field said Kavanaugh has sterling qualifications and will "not legislate from the bench".

U.S. Sen. Doug Jones, a former U.S. attorney, is a member of the Democratic Party that is expected to provide the resistance to Trump's pick in the Senate's confirmation process. Kavanaugh was first confirmed to the appellate court in 2006. "But based upon what I know of Kavanaugh's commentary, it doesn't appear that he is the kind of guy who wants to overturn precedent".

I don't view Collins and Murkowski as joined at the hip on this matter. "He was always the guy who was going home to do his homework".

Donnelly has yet to decide how he will land on Kavanaugh.

Paul is a wild card: he voted against CIA Director Gina Haspel but for Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this year.

Last month, the US Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision to uphold Trump's controversial order to block entry of most people from several Muslim-majority countries. "I will take the same approach as I have previously for a Supreme Court vacancy".