Man who asked black woman for ID at pool loses his job

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Our WSPD Officers maintained neutrality and listened to Mr. Bloom who was concerned that Ms. Abhulimen was utilizing the neighborhood pool without having authority to do so. The man, later identified as Adam Bloom by the Glenridge Homeowners Association, reportedly asked the woman, Jasmine Edwards, for her address and ID to prove she was a member. Bloom was filmed speaking with a woman named Jasmine Edwards at a community pool in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

The Winston-Salem Police Department (WSPD) confirms they received a "disturbance" call on the Fourth of July around 1:21pm at the Glenridge Community Swimming Pool.

On Facebook, Abhulimen accused Bloom of racial profiling: "This is a classic case of racial profiling in my half a million $$ neighborhood pool".

"If she has a card to get into the pool, I believe that should be enough", one of the officers tells Bloom in the video. The man, who served as chairman of the pool (whatever the hell that means), has been forced to resign from the homeowners association board and, much more importantly, has now lost his job, according to a statement released by the company. There was not a sign-in sheet that day because it was a holiday.

"Tell me, 'cause I live in this neighborhood, you tell me ... is there an ordinance that we have to show ID to use the pool?" the woman behind the camera asks. "It turns green and it unlocks".

The officers apologized to Edwards, but when she asks Bloom to apologize to her, he just walked away.

Finally, the officers offered an apology to the woman for the incident, and they asked Bloom if he'd like to apologize.

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'Where does it say that I have to show an ID to use my own pool?' the woman can be heard asking the man, who stumbles providing an answer.

Edwards' video shows that the pool is behind a locked gate that requires a keycard to open. "What a shame", Edwards captioned the video.

Vermitsky told the Journal that the incident started before Edwards began videotaping. Edwards confirmed she had a keycard to enter the gated area, but Bloom wasn't satisfied.

A statement from Bloom's attorney states, "When violations of these regulations occur, it is Mr. Bloom's job to either address and correct the violation or remove the member from the pool".

The member then asked Bloom to verify Abhulimen' address, and when she gave what appeared to be a different one, Bloom said he thought "there's something a little askew" and asked for her ID. Lawyer John Vermitsky said his client called police to "make sure that the interaction didn't escalate", and said it's "unfortunate that conclusions are being reached by people who have seen a 46-second video of their interaction". The incident follows a string of widely publicized instances where police were called on Black folks for doing everyday activities, including mowing the lawn, campaigning door-to-door and even barbecuing at a local park.

What did Bloom's former employer say?

The following statement was issued to the residents of Glenridge.