Supreme Court ruling upholds Trump's travel ban

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With U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy set to retire next month, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he plans to promptly start the process of selecting a successor for the high court's bench.

Mr. Trump first revised his policy in March 2017, cutting Iraq out of the original list of banned countries and issuing more narrow restrictions, as well as laying out a more thorough justification for why the policy was necessary.

President Trump already has a list of 25 candidates - 24 judges and Utah Sen.

A Ronald Reagan appointee, Kennedy, 81, usually voted with the court's conservatives. Whoever replaces him will have a massive sway in the direction of the nation's highest court, possibly for decades to come. It means that the current ban can remain in effect and that Trump could potentially add more countries.

The court's decision "swallows wholesale government lawyers' flimsy national security excuse for the ban instead of taking seriously the president's own explanation for his actions", Jadwat added.

Facing intense criticism, Trump retreated last week on his administration's practice of separating the children of immigrants from their parents when families were detained illegally entering the US.

Interest groups across the political spectrum are expected to mobilize to support and fight the nomination because it is so likely to push the court to the right.

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Tens of thousands of legal visas were canceled and protesters took to the streets saying the president was banning Muslims in violation of the constitution's religious freedom protections.

"We express no view on the soundness of the policy", Justice Roberts added.

Women in no-abortion states who still wanted to terminate their pregnancies would be forced to choose between travelling to liberal states, getting an illegal abortion, or reluctantly allowing the pregnancy to continue.

"We are disappointed that the Supreme Court has chosen to uphold what is clearly a xenophobic effort that scapegoats persons of a particular faith, threatens the safety of human beings seeking refuge, encourages violence and discrimination against Muslim Americans, and does nothing to keep all Americans safer".

Trump has said the travel ban is needed to protect the U.S. attacks by Islamist militants.

Kavanaugh is a longtime Washington insider, having served as a law clerk to Kennedy and then as a key member of independent counsel Kenneth Starr's team that produced the report that served as the basis for President Bill Clinton's impeachment.

Venezuela and North Korea have also been targeted. "The Court's decision today fails to safeguard that fundamental principle". A second version also hit legal snags before it expired. This week alone, he voted to uphold Trump's travel ban and to kneecap public-sector unions.