Ford's Conservatives win Ontario election on populist platform

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"We are using technology in the polls to make voting even easier for electors as we take a measured and principled approach to modernizing our electoral process".

Ontario's new premier has previously voiced support for Donald Trump, but has dismissed direct comparisons to the United States president.

Ford, 53, is the brother of the late mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, who made worldwide news in 2013 when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

The key to Ford's success will also be to avoid the chaos that engulfed his late brother's administration in its final year at Toronto City Hall.

"I know that tonight is not the result we were looking for and no one feels that more sharply than I do, but this is not a moment where any of us should linger".

I asked him about that Friday.

"I'm excited, I've been given a new opportunity to fight for the people of Ontario", she told reporters. Favoured rival Christine Elliott had received the endorsement of most of the party caucus, former Premier Bill Davis, and - ironically, considering what was to come - former Toronto mayor Rob Ford and future party leader Doug Ford.

The politician has also made controversial comments about pride parades previously.

Because, in actuality, as you'll see in the original listing of each party leaders' plans, Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservatives' housing plan was the only one that didn't require bullet points.

During the Ontario PC leadership race, Ford campaigned alongside McVety, explicitly promising social conservatives he'll "repeal" Ontario's sex-ed curriculum.

"Les choses avancent dans ce G7" — Emmanuel Macron
Alors qu'il était dirigé par les conservateurs de Stephen Harper, le gouvernement canadien avait appuyé l'expulsion de Moscou. Il a ensuite pris place à bord de l'hélicoptère présidentiel Marine One , qui l'a conduit jusqu'au sommet du G7 à La Malbaie.

In some ways, Ford's win echoes the rise of populism in countries such as Poland, Hungary and Italy, said Ian Lee, a professor at Carleton University. Numerous sacks are full of pink vote-by-mail ballots.

But he pointed to different underlying reasons. Instead he saw Ford's victory as a rejection of the governing Liberals, who had steered the province to the left during their 15 years of rule. Kathleen Wynne's Liberals, meanwhile, were reduced to just seven seats, falling short of official party status in the legislature. In style, his campaign took a page from that of Donald Trump, emphasizing the leader over the party.

Kathleen Wynne, the leader of the Ontario Liberal Party and the first openly gay premier in Canada, will step down from her post.

"I'm concerned that our turn out percentage won't be as dramatic as we would like to see", she said. Expressing her love, "For every single one of you", she said, "This is not a concession speech".

She was gracious in defeat.

This year's hot-button issues in the county, according to political consultant Lee Neves, are the sheriff's race, along with the race for District 2 county supervisor and the District 4 city council seat in Stockton.

Students elected Andrea Horwath and the Ontario NDP to form a majority government with 66 out of 124 seats and 32 per cent of the vote.

Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner captured the party's first-ever seat in Ontario.

Watson says "I trust that local MPPs will continue to act as strong advocates for their communities, regardless of what side of the legislature they are sitting in". "It's worth remembering Mr Ford is a total rookie".

But that doesn't mean it's necessarily bad news for Trudeau politically.