Manufacturers in North Dakota worry about impact of tariffs, trade war

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And they are less interested in bestowing special sidekick status on Canada - through NAFTA or anything else.

"The U.S. has been ripped off by other countries for years on Trade, time to get smart!" "We call for an end to these trade disputes so that hard-working USA pig farmers can do what they do best: meet global demand for one of our nation's most competitive export products, one that favorably impacts USA trade imbalances with countries around the world".

Trump won the presidency with the help of farm-heavy states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana.

The European Union, the largest USA trading partner, plans to impose retaliatory tariffs on $3.3 billion worth of US imports as soon as June 20. "When we leave the European Union we will have greater freedom to do so".

Each country also has plans to retaliate.

A full list of the products affected by Canada's reactionary tariffs can be found here.

And Beijing threatened to raise tariffs on goods like soybeans, corn, beef, oranges, and tobacco in the wake of the president's threat of $50 billion levy on their goods.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R), who hasn't ruled out mounting a primary challenge against Trump in 2020, criticized the inaction to date of congressional Republican leaders nominally committed to free trade.

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But after totaling the value of Canada's list of United States goods subject to tariffs using import data, Business Insider found that the value of these exports is equal to roughly just over $15 billion USA dollars, or 19 billion Canadian dollars.

Over the week-end, it was reported that the United States was singled out by some of its closest allies Saturday over the imposition of tariffs they warn will undermine open trade and weaken confidence in the global economy.

Trudeau, who last week with Freeland announced Canada's retaliatory "countermeasures" - $16.6 billion worth in tariffs on American steel, aluminum and even quiche - told NBC's Chuck Todd that Trump's rationale for the duties is "insulting".

The hard-line rhetoric comes as Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross returns from China as part of the ongoing trade discussions. The US has a massive trade deficit with China. Trump had reportedly offered Canada and Mexico, America's two partners in the North American Fair Trade Agreement, an exemption from the tariffs if they agreed to his demands concerning the renegotiation of NAFTA.

"This decision by the US administration will hurt Canadians". China meanwhile is warning it will withdraw commitments it made on trade if the president carries out a separate threat to impose tariffs on the Asian country.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is "overreacting" to steel and aluminum tariffs imposed by President Donald Trump last week because he misunderstands the chief executive's reasoning, U.S. National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said Sunday on Fox News' "Fox News Sunday".

In a CBC radio interview in Halifax, Trudeau slammed the widely denounced USA measures as "ridiculous" and ones that will backfire in the United States, which will face retaliatory dollar-for-dollar tariff "countermeasures" on up to $16.6 billion worth of American imports.

"The president is going to defend this country", he added.