Funeral Service Held for Pakistani Student Killed in Texas School Shooting

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They had no idea their worlds were about to be turned upside down and 10 of them wouldn't live to see the weekend. A 17-year-old student is being held on murder charges.

Appearing on the Sunday talk shows, Patrick did not address details of the law enforcement investigation into Friday's shooting at Santa Fe High. Gun ownership for self protection may be good but is the ability to own guns freely worth it if it comes at the cost of innocent children having to lose their lives every other month?

After Florida suffered a massive school shooting in February, the gun control debate seemed to gain traction, with young survivors of the Parkland shooting leading the way.

"He had the biggest heart and the biggest chunk of ours feels to have left with him", said Saunders.

The Pakistani student identified as Sabika Sheikh who was studying at the school under the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) programme since August 2017.

He called his daughter's friends, but they weren't responding either.

She said Sabika was scheduled to return home in about three weeks and she was already feeling sad about her leaving.

"It seems to me, since the 1960s in this country, we've begun to think technology and other things can replace our God, and we've taken God out of the schools, and social media has taken togetherness out of the family", Watkins said.

In the latest school shooting incident in the United States, at least ten people including a Pakistani exchange student were killed after a teenage classmate opened fire in a Texas high school.

Grieving family and friends recalled the endearing qualities of some of the victims of Friday's mass shooting at a Texas high school, as authorities on Saturday released the names of the 10 killed.

"It was hard when I started school because I didn't know anybody, but then I met Sabika and she didn't know anyone, either", said Jaelyn.

Lysaght declined further comment when contacted by The Associated Press and referred calls to a State Department spokesman.

A Pakistani foreign exchange student is among those killed in the shooting, according to a leader at a program for foreign exchange students and the Pakistani embassy in Washington, D.C.

Sabika was studying in the U.S. under an exchange program facilitated by the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study (YES) program. She loved her family.

Emergency crews gather in the parking lot of Santa Fe High School
Emergency crews gather in the parking lot of Santa Fe High School Credit Daniel Kramer AFP

"She was busting at the seams with energy and laughter".

Despite coming from different cultures and religions, Sabika fit perfectly into his family, he said.

"She appreciated it so much". "CREATIVE beyond belief! She was a magnificent caretaker and a staple in her family". Pagourtzi was an ex-boyfriend of Fisher's best friend, she said.

Angelique Ramirez was a student at Santa Fe High School.

He thought his daughter would be safe in the US.

Aziz Sheikh said the danger of a school shooting had not crossed his mind when he sent Sabika to study in the United States for a year.

Numerous aspects of the attack mirrored one of the worst school shootings in American history: the massacre at Columbine High School in April 1999, in which two teenage boys with weapons hidden under trenchcoats killed 12 students and one teacher.

Sabika's father said the family expect to receive the body of his daughter by Tuesday and will announce funeral details shortly afterward.

"She was wonderful. She was just so loving", said Olinde, 25.

"It's a awful tragedy", Cynthia Tisdale's family member tells KHOU11.

Cynthia Tisdale with her husband, William.

Ann Perkins was a substitute teacher at Santa Fe High School.

Chris Stone was 17 years old and wrapping up the final week of his junior year when he was shot and killed in an art classroom. He was a junior.

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