BMW teases iNEXT SUV concept and confirms 2018 reveal

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At BMW's annual shareholders' meeting in Germany on Thursday the company released a teaser image of its future iNext electric vehicle. And it promises to incorporate "all major areas of innovation in a road-ready vehicle".

"The iNEXT project is our building kit for the future", says BMW CEO Harald Krüger. We've heard that it would be some sort of SUV. Although no details were released, this description means, aside from an electric powertrain, that an autonomous system of some level would make it into production. The biggest battery is expected to be a 120-kilowatt-hour unit with over 400 miles of range.

Krueger also said the iNext will offer Level 3 self-driving capabilities, which will let the driver cede control to the vehicle under certain conditions as long as they stand ready (or at least sit ready) to retake control within seconds if any warnings sound.

We will report on the BMW iNEXT as more information is produced. BMW now claims that "level 3.5" autonomy will be possible from the vehicle.

German automaker BMW announced a recall of 11.7 thousand diesel vehicles due to the fact that they installed the software, lowered the level of harmful emissions. Level 4 capability is similar to Level 3, with the key difference being a much longer time span given to the driver to take back control.

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As for the interface technology, BMW hinted at the possibilities with its i Future Interaction unveiled at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show.

In 2021, BMW will begin manufacturing in Europe, at Plant Dingolfing, an all-electric vehicle.

The iNext will be one of 12 electric cars that the BMW Group will launch by the end of 2025.

Previously NV was informed that Audi has carried out final tests of its first electric crossover called the E-Tron.