Iran Vows to Boost Defense Program despite US Threats

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Iran's parliament has called for a "proportional and reciprocal action" in response to President Donald Trump's decision to pull the USA out of a deal which halted Iran's nuclear program.

Trump also pointed to Iran's actions in countries including Syria and Yemen.

A number of French firms have have signed billion dollar agreements with Iran since the nuclear accord was signed in 2015.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told his Parliament that Britain will continue to respect the deal as long as worldwide inspectors can verify Iran's compliance. But Iran made genuine, lasting concessions that pushed back the timetable in which it could conceivably become a nuclear power by at least a decade, if not longer.

Sputnik: The US Treasury Department vowed to hinder Iran's sales of crude oil by imposing new sanctions on Tehran; do you think this will make any difference given that other signatories of the deal do not intend to follow US lead, or re-impose any restrictive measures on Iran? Analysts estimate Iran's exports will fall by between 300,000 bpd and 1 million bpd when the sanctions kick in, depending on how many countries decide to stop importing oil from the country to stay on good terms with the United States.

"We favoured the deal because we thought it was important to try and prevent nuclear proliferation in the Middle East".

Defense Secretary James Mattis recently testified before a Senate Appropriations Committee, where he offered his thoughts on the growing Iranian nuclear threat and the upcoming summit with North Korea.

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"We will not allow American cities to be threatened with destruction and we will not allow a regime that chants "Death to America" to gain access to the most deadly weapons on Earth". Proponents of the deal have said those time limits were meant to encourage more discussion with Iran in the future that could eventually address other concerns.

However, since Trump's announcement, Iran has threatened to gather uranium if negotations fail in response to the United States withdrawal from the agreement. By all objective accounts, including from top Trump officials, Iran had been complying with the agreement. Yet, Iranian nation is persistent while former USA presidents passed away & IRI is still standing. This is a break with worldwide commitment and France deeply regrets this decision.

European firms doing business in Iran now have a six month deadline to wind up investments, or risk USA sanctions, Trump's adviser John Bolton said. He said he believed the agreement could still survive if other negotiating partners defied Trump.

Iran has no reason to include the United States in any further discussions.

Furthermore, the analyst explained the economic consequences might be equally worrying for Iran, since new US sanctions would likely hit its energy industry.

But Bolton said that cooperation with Europe on Iran was not over.

Raising the issue of Iran's nuclear programme was an excuse to curb the Islamic Republic's regional influence and missile programme, Khamenei said. Trump's decision to back out of it has been met with a chorus of disapproval at home and overseas. Iran's parliament speaker said that "Trump only understands the language of force".