Summit likely to be held in Singapore, not Panmunjom

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President Trump heaped praise on both himself and Kim Jong Un on Thursday, claiming he did what President Obama couldn't by getting the North Korean leader to release three American prisoners this week - for free. Officials have said initial exams showed them to be in relatively good health.

Media reports said USA nationals Kim Hak-song, Kim Dong-chul and Tony Kim, who is also known as Kim Sang-duk, had been moved from a labor camp to a hotel on the outskirts of Pyongyang early last month.

Speaking to the media on the tarmac at Joint Base Andrews Air Force Base, Kim Dong Chul said his release felt "like a dream".

The small Southeast Asian city state of Singapore has long acted as a bridge between the United States and China.

Kim expressed support for the summit in a statement given to North Korean state television on Wednesday, saying the event would be a "historic meeting" and a first step toward the "building of a good future" on the Korean Peninsula. No US president has met with his North Korean counterpart while in office.

Trump, however, says the developing a better relationship with the North Korean leader.

Family members and friends of the American men who were held in detention in North Korea said Thursday that they are thankful for their release and grateful to have them back in the U.S. And there are a number of things - provocative actions, for example, from North Korea, would not be received well.

China sentences former political rising star to life in prison for corruption
Over a million officials of various ranks have been punished in Xi's anti-graft campaign since he came to power in 2013. China has confirmed that Sun has been appointed Communist Party boss for the southwestern city of Chongqing.

So far the regime has not indicated it is willing to do that.

Trump has credited a United States "maximum pressure" campaign for drawing North Korea to the negotiating table and vowed to keep economic sanctions in place until Pyongyang takes concrete steps to denuclearise.

Before his sentencing, the former Virginia resident publicly apologized for slandering North Korea's leadership, collecting and passing confidential information to South Korea, and joining a smear campaign against the North's human rights situation.

In the hours since the release, the Trump administration have used it as an example of a potential deal being reached between the president and Kim of North Korea. "We've picked a place for the meeting, or 'summit, ' as you like to call it", said Trump. "It is not talking about eliminating its own nuclear programme". "As of last night there was no nuance in terms of denuclearisation", he said.

Technically the United States and North Korea are still at war - a stop-gap armistice ended the brutal three-year war between the two countries in 1953 and around 30,000 USA troops remain in neighbouring South Korea. "Trump's negotiations in Korea are unprecedented?"

Memories like those keep the 26-year-old Jo from placing much faith in North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's bid for peace talks after years of threatening his neighbors and the United States with his nuclear arsenal.

Decades of financial stagnation, worldwide sanctions, mass starvation and industrial scale human rights abuses followed. "I really think a lot of progress has been made. some great things can happen".