Elon Musk and Grimes are dating each

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Sources told the outlet that the duo first met online a month ago after Musk was researching a joke about artificial intelligence involving a "Rococo Basilisk" that he wanted to tweet.

Grimes had a character in her video for 'Flesh Without Blood" called "Rococo Basilisk' that apparently appealed to the 53rd richest person in the world. In his search, he found that Grimes had actually already made the same oblique joke, referencing 18th-century French art and artificial intelligence, three years before. Grimes was extremely surprised and admitted that it was the first time someone understood that joke in three years. "They were both poking fun at AI", the source advised. Yes, if you consider Musk's electric cars heavenly bodies: He appeared to wear a Tesla pin and she a Tesla choker as part of their coordinated ensembles.

Musk is well known for warning of an AI apocalypse, calling it "more unsafe than nukes".

Musk also tweeted a link to Grimes's music video for "Venus Fly" and declared it the best he has seen in a while.

Having been a very vocal fan of Grimes' work, Musk then attempted to contact her to discuss her ideas. She recently revealed she has clashed with her label 4AD, saying "There's some srsly f-ked up and insane s-t going behind the scenes in my career", but that she will be releasing another album with 4AD, followed by independent music.

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The musician discussed on Instagram how she was reorienting her life and would be putting out more and more music once she had real freedom to do so.

Musk, 43 had also tweeted his approval of her Spotify playlist "Go flex & Psycho".

Grimes is a double major in psychology and philosophy, with minors in Russian and electro-acoustic. (You might be familiar with his companies, SpaceX and Tesla.) Only a few months ago, he was still linked to Amber Heard-who also attended the Met Gala on Monday-but times have clearly changed.

"Sounds great riding my cyborg", the tech billionaire replied.