Deadpool stars in Celine Dion's incredible new video for 'Ashes'

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But, in a new profile by The New York Times, the Deadpool star makes clear just how deep his anxiety goes. Backstage, Deadpool is preparing himself to perform a dance in high heels - which he does.

Deadpool goes contemporary in his very artistic performance as Celine Dion belts out some unbelievable vocals. Add Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds' charms to the list of things that have cast major superhero blockbusters, because according to EW, their romantic comedy The Proposal helped sway Brolin towards the merc with a mouth.

It was Celine's first new material since she appeared on the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack previous year. Earlier yesterday four new exclusive IMAX posters for Deadpool 2 also got released and they're hilarious. As the track reaches its end, Deadpool jumps out and applauds Celine, telling her that she did a great job and that he hasn't seen such a wonderful performance.

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Leitch adds, "She's a really fun personality and a really handsome person, and I think she understood what we were trying to do.she got it". Reynolds says he uses that mechanism while promoting Deadpool 2, by doing interviews in character. No matter what you think of her music, her voice and her heart is always turned to 11, with just a little bit of a wink. But if you know Deadpool, then this pairing shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Everything you would not immediately associate with Deadpool. "This thing only does 11, so beat it, Spider-Man". Reynolds recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly, and said he has never seen the finished version of the film.

On May 3, Wednesday, the official YouTube channel of the Grammy Award-winning singer posted the music video for a song titled "Ashes".