Amazon Extends In-Skills Purchasing For Alexa

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This project is created to provide a fun, engaging, interactive and educational experience via Amazon's successful Alexa voice service on all Alexa-enabled devices. The tools were previously available to only a handful of brands.

When in-skill purchasing is added to a voice application - Amazon calls these apps Alexa's "skills" - customers can ask to shop the purchase suggestions offered, and then pay by voice using the payment information already associated with their Amazon account.

Amazon also announced general availability for Amazon Pay for Alexa Skills, another new feature that lets US brands and merchants accept payment for physical goods or services via their skill and a customer's payment info stored on Amazon.

"The Store Card skill for Amazon Alexa demonstrates our focus on exploring new ways to deliver the best possible experience to our customers", said Tom Quindlen, executive vice president and CEO, Retail Card at Synchrony.

This means that premium digital content can be sold from within products, such as games and interactive stories as well as subscriptions that offer access to premium features or content for a limited time, according to an announcement by Amazon. Developers are paid 70 percent of the list price for their in-skill purchase, before any Amazon discount is applied.

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In-skill purchasing can already be found in Jeopardy games, The Ellen Show's Heads Up, and TuneIn's Live audio service, as well as a couple of other Alexa skills.

As for in-skill purchases, that's also being expanded to general availability today.

A year ago Amazon began rewarding developers with direct cash payouts for having top skills in select categories.

Using any Alexa device, such as Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, children can choose between five vehicle or five animal-themed stories.